Blogging Break

So I took a blogging break.  I didn’t mean to.  BUT some stuff happened.

I can’t remember what all I’ve told you but here’s the run down:

1. Boo’s dear Grandmother passed away and we spent 5 hot days in Little Rock in the throws of family.  Boo’s mom is one of FIVE girls.  They loved their mom and I was very moved at what an incredible woman she was to have such adoration and devotion from her family.

2. The Canadian moved in.  Yes.  That’s right.  We have a boarder.  He’s young and a student at a local university.  We love him.  Maybe the nicest kid that ever lived.

3. Boo’s mom came for 10 days.  We went to see her in New Hampshire – oh yeah, I’ve told y’all this.  So yeah, we went to NH.  Then she came here.  We went to the cape, just she and I for a couple of days.

4. Rita the Redhead came.  She came while B’s mom was still here and we had the most fun weekend traipsing around Boston as a team.  So thankful for lifelong friends.

5. The day that B’s mom left… I STARTED SCHOOL!!!! WHHHHHAAAAAAAATTTTT???? Tell you more in the next post.  It’s so much.  So much.

6. That Friday my friend H came in and the next day one of my best friends from Berlin came in.  H stayed for the weekend and the German stayed until last Thursday.

7. Boo and I spent our first weekend alone in over a month.  We are newlyweds.  Unless you consult our marriage license, which (signed my AM, AND THE PASTOR, AND THE STATE OF TEXAS) clearly and legally states that we were married in 2003.

8. I am really considering this my first week back in the saddle.  So I updated my dry-erase calendar.  Caught up with my friends, met some new babies and I am starting to blog.

So there you go, now you are all caught up.  It’s like we never spent a month apart.  A lot of you have been asking what’s happening in the kitchen lately.  I did an incredible quinoa risotto (quinoa (white or red), shallots, dry white wine, chicken stock, asiago.  I also made red sauce from scratch, finally.  So I sautéed onion, garlic, shallots for a bit with some chile flakes, S&P, oregano, basil etc Then I threw in a can of Italian canned tomatoes (the big size) and a cup of cheap Chianti.  Simmered for about an hour and a half.  It was delicious.  We had a big brunch here Sunday, we served drunk eggs at that, DTB made some delicious breakfast risotto.  Anyway, even in the busyness, we’ve been cooking.  I’ll start posting recipes soon.  My composition teacher has encouraged daily writing as we take her class, so I am going to try to be disciplined to get something up every day.

Next post… SCHOOL.


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