10 Things I do to Cheer Myself Up

My friend Lori came over yesterday with Annie and brought me THE BEST pick me up package EVER.  Back issue of Lucky and InStyle, Junior Mints, Annie’s Snack Mix and Sense and Sensibility.  This morning, as I was catching up on my own back issues of Real Simple I found 10 things to do to cheer you up… Some were super applicable and some were far fetched, but I decided to share a few of my pick me up tricks as I find myself using them in this hazy, unclear and unstructured time of my life.

1) I get ready.  Get in the shower, do make-up, get dressed.  On days where I know I am only going to clean the house, haul plants or talk to a three year old it’s hard to care how I look.  However, I know that if I’ll take some interest in me, I’ll feel better in the end.

2) This is the one I am THE WORST at – EXERCISE.  When I am down I DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS, however, when I do, I feel like a different person.  I am writing this, because I want to do this.  I am going to make myself be outside for one hour a day.  What I do with that hour is up to me.

3)  I eat a cupcake.  They cost $1.25 at Party Favors and I love them.

4) I go outside.  This was a Real Simple trick also.  They say 5 minutes is enough to change your mood.

5) I do one thing I absolutely don’t want to.  This gives me an irrational sense of accomplishment that I can generally ride the wave of until Boo gets home and perpetuates my disproportionate sense of accomplishment.  What can I say?  I love him.

6) I read.  Sometimes escape is the best thing ever.

7) I hand write a note to someone I love.  I rarely actually mail them… I found like 15 of these in a bag this week during my organization streak, but in the moment, I feel better.

8.) I go to TJ and buy something for $5.00.  Jordan’s mom told me that shopping boost your endorphins, but Boo and I believe that debt murders them, so an under $10 shopping spree is my kind of boost!

9) I read Stuff White People Like, or The Best Page in the Universe and laugh and laugh and laugh.

10) I count my blessings until I run out of numbers.  At the end I generally find myself smiling.


I Believe She’s Amazing

This obviously made me immediately think of my Aunt.  And every woman that was in my wedding, and three women in New York that weren’t.  I am obviously having a bit of a hard time because I wept watching it.  I think in part because I have a secret dream of getting to be in one of these… With Beyonce and Oprah.  Hey, dream big.


Since I’ve been a recluse and a communication black hole, I thought I would offer some insight into our life, by way of a few things that you probably wouldn’t have guessed…

1) I’ve spent 1/8 of our married life in New York.

2) I worked the first 6 weekends that we were married.

3) We have used more bandaids in the last 2 months than I have in my entire life.

4) We fight more about each others driving than ANY other topic.

5) We only JUST got all the crap from Justin’s last three years of roommates cleared out of the basement on Saturday.

6) Our fish is still alive.

7) I’ve never used our coffee maker, I get coffee in bed every morning.  seriously.

8) I borrow hydrangea from the people up the street when their HUGE plant spills over on to the side walk.  I consider this a community service.

9) My mother in law has offered to Pimp my resume.  Just kidding.  But I did ask her to do that when I sent it to her.  I am thinking both about applying for some government jobs and about going to Bunker Hill Community College.  Perhaps both?

10) I hate organizing.  HATE.  I am avoiding it right now.

11) Our across the streets neighbors get in a screaming match most days before 3.  They sometimes involve screaming and honking of the horn.  One just occurred.  Wish you were here…

12) I am struggling to decorate our house.  Any ingenious ideas.

13) At the end of my week in NYC, Justin appeased me and came to the city for the weekend.  Look how cute he looks.  I am not sure when I became the kind of girl that wants pictures in front of the love sign, but I did, and here it is.

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