Passionate about stripes

I think stripes are the little black dress of casual fashion.  My Aunt Lauren said once that she knew why my Aunt Julliete (who is French) was always dressed like she was ready to go out.  Because when she went to Paris people were always dressed like they were ready to go out.  I have also learned in my relationship with Boo that I have an elevated sense of casual, which I have to guess, I acquired from my family.  I will say this, I almost always feel comfortable.  It is rare that you will find me clothed in anything that I am not incredible comfortable in.  I have been on the hunt for the perfect Audrey Hepburn black and white stripe sailor shirt.  I am pretty sure that it’s an old school french fashion, and I am almost positive that if I could get back to Paris I could find one in a shop on the side of the road (for a lot more money I am sure than Boo would want me to spend.)  I will however say, I think everyone should add striped to their wardrobe, especially this season, when JCrew’s signature collection has stripes in 8 out of 14 of their season’s signature look slides.

Here’s my other unsolicited fashion tip of the day.  Wear what you want, with confidence.  It’s the #1 key to fashion.  It doesn’t have to be a materialistic or narcissistic  thing, it can be affordable, enjoyable and an empowering, confidence building expression of you.  SO – go buy some stripes from H&M, JCrew, or Saks -whatever your price range allows and throw some bright, chunky, plastic jewelry on top of it.  We are returning to the 80’s you know.


Deep Breath

It has been a crazy week.  I subbed, I nannied and I farm standed it.  I am so tired.  Yesterday was Kenny’s birthday.  I was a failure.  I didn’t even text him until noon, but Ryan took Liz’s print by today of me with the peacock.  It was a lucky shot while we were waiting for clearance to enter the building for pictures.  Didn’t she do an incredible job?  I absolutely love the picture and feel so lucky to have it.

We’ve been watching a Bones Marathon.  In between poached eggs for breakfast (WE GOT THE COOKS ILLUSTRATED ANTHOLOGY FROM Liz’s family), cinnamon roles for lunch and I tried my hand at Asparagus Tips, truffle Bernaise and soft boiled quail eggs as a side for dinner.   We took a walk, moved the elliptical upstairs and now we’re watching Bones and Basketball (go Celtics.)

I’m struggling to find motivation to run and to finish the house.  I am so annoyed.  Why can I not get motivated to do this? It’s so simple and I cannot make myself want to do it.  Anyone have any advice or want to come help?  I am accepting all offers.

Also, trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up, does anyone have any serious suggestions?  I need some direction.


It’s true!  Joseph is alive.  I have not killed him.  I did not over-chlorinate his bowl, or give him too much fish food.  He is not freezing in this unseasonably cold weather and tonight, when the house filled up with smoke while we cooked dinner, he did not get smoke inhalation and keel over.  I see it as a miracle.  Did I mention that the other night when I cooked dinner, I used scallions from my little back porch garden?  Well I did and being near those did not kill him either.

Today I worked at the farm stand replanting wave petunias from 4 inch pots to 6 inch.  I know, my skill level overwhelms me too.  Seriously.  I probably re-potted 100 plants.  It was not fun.  Not to mention the process.  OK, so by the time I got home I wanted to poke my eyes out, but I made myself pick up the house and cook dinner.  It was beautifully enlightened by the fact that CoCo joined us for the night.  Which made the hours before Boo got home pass much more quickly.  We had some corn on the cob tonight, it made me excited about the fresh produce that the farm stand is going to have.

That’s it for the night.  No pictures, no stories, just the update on life and the consistency of blogging.  Back in the habit.  Getting it done.

Meet Joe, the Multicolored Fish

Meet my son, Joe.  I’ve been wanting a fish since Justin told me there was no way in HELL we were getting a dog.  Which, of course, made me sad.  Because I want a dog.  Actually, two.  A Jack Russell Terrier that I will call Jack, and sing “hit the road Jack” to, and a Labradoodle named, Radley.  This is because I affectionately call Justin, Boo and I would like to complete it with Radley.  That and I hate shedding and dander and I hear terriers and labradoodles are great for both.

The house did not get organized today.  Today I subbed.  I was in a class with two sets of twins.  I do not think that twins should be allowed to be together.  Not ever, but most of the time.  Because twins, especially a pair of twins, can be exhausting.  No seriously, it’s too much.  Separate, like an egg from a yolk.  I was so TIRED when I was done today that when they called me and asked me if I would forsake my normal place with second grade to take third grade… Well of course I will.  Not because I don’t love second grade (I do) or because second grade has twins (they don’t) but because the third grade class has only ten students and I feel like after a double twin day, ten students is all I can handle.  Thursday I will be very thankful to see the farm stand and dead head pansies (that’s my skill level, I’m still not qualified to be on the cash register alone.)

OK… cooking.  As you know I’ve been on quite a tear.  On Monday I made those goat cheese Mole enchiladas.  Yesterday I made these thick pork chops, with a tomato bacon sauce… I actually hate pork chops.  I mean hate.  The only meal Boo has ever made for me was pork chops, I hated to tell them that I hated them.  Now my grandmother did not know this.  She thought that I loved them.  To stomach them I would COAT them in ketchup.  In kind she would welcome me to her house by saying, “Stephi, I got pork chops and EXTRA ketchup for you!  I’m making them for you tonight, I know how much you love them.”  Then I would throw up in my mouth a little bit.  However, in going with my Cooks Illustrated infatuation I made their thick pork chop recipe with the CHEAP thick chops Boo found at Shaw’s and they were incredible.

As I mentioned yesterday, I also made this:

I know.  It tastes as incredible as it looks.  We ate the leftover pork chops on it today for lunch.  Delicious.

Tonight, I made an incredible Loaded Potato Salad with goat cheese cheddar and attempted a soy version of banana pudding.  We’ll see how all this lactose free cooking goes.  Not sure how Boo is going to respond to fake Banana Pudding.

And now we watch the Celtics.  Eeek.  We’re already behind by 15 pts and the Celtics fans in true Boston fashion are chanting to Lamar Odom, “Ugly sister”  which I am told is a reference to Khloe, who I am sure is PISSED right now.  I have no idea how to tell Boston fans, pissing them off gets them mad and good, not mad and bad, but there’s no telling the Brahmins anything.  I am also enjoying Boo’s couchside coaching.  As if they can hear him at the Garden…

I’m going for another glass of wine and some BPudding, then I am going to paint my nails and wish for the best.  If I get bored I am going to read my friend Justin’s blog.  He posted an entry today and I laughed until I cried.  He is so funny.

See you tomorrow everyone.  I’ll let you know how the third grade goes.  They can’t be that much smarter than the second graders, right?

Here Comes the Sun

It seems like a good time to make a new blogging start.  My name is Stephanie, I live in Boston with my husband (of 15 days) and I work ambiguously.  I’ll explain that more as we go along.  We’re in no hurry right?

Speaking of work, kneading bread.  Who knew.  I am making the 7 grain bread from Cooks Illustrated and it is allegedly easy, but you get to then end part where they are all “Pull it out and need your seeds into it until evenly distributed.” and I want to ask them who the #$%% can knead that stuff, let me just tell you this, those seeds will be ANYTHING but evenly distributed.

In better cooking news, Burp featured a goat cheese enchilada recipe this weekend that I made last night with great success.  I have to say that the mole sauce was not easy, but well worth it, if anyone’s into goat cheese and mole, you should definitely check this out.

In other work, I am trying to unpack and organize our new home.  I glance at Home Sweet Home a lot for inspiration in decorating, but mostly I just need to get stuff out of bags and boxes and into it’s rightful place… If only I knew where that place was.

So there is a little glimpse into my life.  I’ll be back.  Randomly and often.  Thanks for reading.  I am glad to be back in this world.  I have missed blogging and am thankful to have such inspiring friends and readers who encourage me to keep writing.

If you are wondering about the title of the blog.  I walked down the isle to Here Comes the Sun and it felt like the most right and appropriate song for my and Justin’s relationship, and then we danced to .  As I searched for available names the combination of both of those things was available and felt right.  So there you have it.  Coming home to Sun.  Enjoy.  We’ll be in touch.

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