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So, I’ve been working on a bit of a business venture.  It’s called Anchor&Key, we’re on Facebook  and Twitter.  It’s new. I’m an amateur.  I’m booking shoots on a sliding scale of what people can afford.  A bottle of wine, or money.  So if you know anyone in my vicinity, please refer me, or refer them.

The blog project is going well.  We’re raising money for the orphan project again.  So I’ve been working on that – which counts for class.  The Anchor&Key project counts, we had a test, which was a two day pass, so needless to say, you’ve seen the gap here.  But I am going to keep it up.

I am going to do relevant Fridays.  The Economist comes out on Fridays, so I am going to try to do a little “blip” or “blurb” on the week.  I know most of you are friends and I know lots of you aren’t that into the news or NPR so I am going to try to deliver what’s relevant in bite size pieces.  I think in an election year, with this kind of economy we should all know what’s up.  We should all also be aware that Hugo Chavez is probably, in fact dying.  That Jessica Simpson is now confirmed pregnant. Kim Kardashian was married for 72 days, I have been married for 425… You know.  Things that are relevant.  I kid.

In other news…

My two new favorite magazines this year have been Anthology, which I discovered by chance and gladly paid the $38 for and treasure my collection of and panic when it doesn’t come because I want to make sure I have the full ‘anthology.’  I am no less neurotic about the gift subscription that Lady A gave me of Garden and Gun.  When we moved we went online.  We called, we wrote. The sweet editor of Anthology emailed me and assured me that all was well, not to panic, the issue was getting mailed later than she hoped, but if for ANY reason, I had one ounce of problem, she would take care of me not to worry about it.  Garden and Gun on the other hand, has required three follow up phone calls to three failed online attempts to change the address.  Then I didn’t get the promised magazine, so I emailed.  They told me they were sold out (anthology ruined) but not to worry, Mr. Keogh (it was a form email) they would extend my subscription by one magazine.  ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Needless to say I emailed them back.  I got another form email.  (All of these emails come late in the night – so weird)  So I called two days ago, yesterday, today.  Finally yesterday I took to Twitter and Facebook.  Finally, today, they responded via Facebook and asked me to call a different number than I have been calling.  I am not impressed.  Friends.  Their magazine is online.  They have a Facebook page and a Twitter feed.  I like the magazine, but I cannot recommend them after this experience.  If they are on your wishlist, cross them off and give your money to someone who truly represents something that you want to give your money to.  I could not recommend something more highly than Anthology. I love the magazine, the content and the staff.  They certainly aren’t so proud of themselves that they treat their customers this way.  I will tell you this.  I spent a week with the editor of WWD in NY and she certainly did not act with haughty carelessness that G&G has.  It really is truly unfortunate that they think so much of their product that they do not believe they are in a customer service industry.

I would like to end this blog in this way.  It is unfortunate that we no longer live in a customer service society.  It is sad that we no longer live in a society where people are kind.  My dear friend Jessica posted a really frustrating post on her facebook wall last week.  Fresh home with her son from Africa.  She was trying to assimilate him to this culture, two new siblings, electricity… They were jetlagged… And people were glaring at them at the grocery store as they were working out proper behavior and responses and both were trying not to weep in the store.  She said she wished she had signs explaining the situation. I just read the post and wished people were kind enough to realize they don’t always know  what’s going on and should be hesitant to judge so harshly.

Anyway, I wasn’t free to call Garden & Gun IMMEDIATELY upon receiving their message.  A dear family friend is in town this semester and he’s been doing all these great speaking engagements that I haven’t been able to make it to, but I made it tonight and it was fantastic.  So interesting and engaging and intellectually very very challenging.  I am mulling over some very interesting questions.

How does this economic recession compare to the one that Reagan navigated us through in the 80’s?

One of the reason’s Bush was re-elected even though he was incredibly unpopular is because he was viewed as a very, very strong leader – Obama is not viewed as a strong leader, though I think he is ironically probably a much stronger leader than Bush was – will this perception of weakness cost him this election?

Do we view music in advertising as relevant only to youth – particularly political ad campaigns?

I know, I know.  Bizarre.  But my thoughts at the end of this day.  I’m off to a Steve Jobs documentary, math homework and a dirty dirty dirty martini.  Spread the word about Anchor&Key.  Give me a like, a follow & a tweet.  Also go check out Anthology and Garden & Gun.  Neither will disappoint, and I am sure, that G&G will tell me soon how my experience the last 6 months with them is absolutely the exception… Sigh.  I hope so anyway.

And tomorrow dear readers, a weekly synopsis of all that’s fit for synopsizing.  In my opinion.  Hahahahahahahahahhahaha. Heaven only knows what you’ll get.


My Dad Always Used to Say, Haterisms and

So. I am done with two classes. English and Math. However, my last two classes, German and Business are proving to be a bear. They both want to fit one last test in before the final. That’s right, last day of class, text. Then. Final. Party.

In better news. I subbed Tuesday, and I am nannying three days this week, two days next week. It hasn’t snapped me out of my no-job depression, but it helps me feel less like a leech and more like a contributing member of my marriage. It also makes me feel stressed out. Instead of letting the stress get to me I am flitting my days away joining no party political organizations and blogging. Next, clean the house.

Lately, I’ve been thankful for my health. CoCo broke her talus bone and has a cast and crutches. I meanwhile, complain when I can’t get a run in, or when it’s too cold and windy outside for me to run. This is not a way to be thankful. I am going to work on it more.

Last night we went Christmas shopping at Lady A’s studio show. Have you been to her website? She makes beautiful ceramic jewelry. Click here to look at it. Now I need to somehow manage to get that stuff I bought packed up and to the post office. I hope people are fine with getting Valentine’s presents, because that’s about when I am hopeful of getting stuff mailed by. that’s bad right. When you get married aren’t you supposed to be better at this stuff? Well I am not.

My Dad… When I was growing up he used to always say, “You know what you’re problem is?” and then he would proceed to explain to me said observation about my character flaws and failures. This was always a good time and normally two to three hours in I would begin to admire my fathers oratory skills and imagine that this was some sort of filibuster, and at the end I was going to get to vote. If said vote happened to be “Do you agree that starting a criticism with ‘You know what your problem is’ is an effective way of getting someone to change?” Then I was looking forward to resolutely voting, “No.” Alas. There was never a vote and I usually fell asleep mid-lecture only to be awakened to my father tapping on my forehead and continuing aforementioned diatribe. Does anyone feel like that’s what’s happening in Washington, a bunch of people standing around telling each other what the other person’s problem is? SPARE ME.

Even in the time that I have written this email my father and I have begun a politically themed email in which he is explaining to me why CANNOT WORK.

Here’s why it can.

Jon Stewart, from the Washington Mall reminded us of what we do everyday on the commute home. He showed a picture of a bunch of cars merging into a single lane to drive into some tunnel in DC. I do this every day at three different points on Storrow Drive. And he’s right, even in the worst city to drive in in the world, Boston, there is an art to this. There is civility. Boo told me the other day that the perfect negotiation is one where both parties leave feeling like they’ve given something up. Yep. That sounds like like and the real world to me. The other day, Natasha from Zumba stopped me crying after class because her unemployment had run out and it meant she couldn’t go home for the holidays and she had no idea where else she could apply. And yet, people are up in arms at Obama for GIVING IN TO THE REPUBLICANS (who I am pretty sure are still referring to him as Barrack Hussein, even though he spared the top 1%) and the democrats are ready to burn him at the stake. According to Boo, this was the perfect negotiation. Anyone else with me? YES! Most of you are. That’s the point. We, here on the ground, not up on the Hill, realize that you have to give and take to make it work. It sucks, no one likes it, but you can’t please everyone. So you try to do the best for the greatest number. Apparently when you do that in DC you are a total pushover with no fight in you.

Needless to say I wanted to move to Iceland after last week politically. I know for sure I would not understand NPR in Icelandic and that there is a good chance tickets to Sigur Ros are cheaper there, you know, home court advantage.

Then, I heard about Yep. A bunch of people that are saying, not right, not left, just forward. you can call yourself what you want, but you are committing to setting aside the right of that label for the sake of forward motion. Sound too good to be true? Yeah, I thought so to. So I spent some time today reading, watching, listening. And the truth is, it goes back to the democratic process. Democracy is only as strong as the involvement of the population. Our presidents and representatives are not representative of the nation, they are elected by the people who vote. 70% of Americans don’t. So Washington has no idea what most of us are thinking because we don’t tell them.

Most of my friends aren’t involved in the political process because they think everyone is a liar and all they do is yell at each other. They think Republicans all voted for Bristol Palin, and that democrats all own the new Obama chia pet. They know nothing about if Christine Matthews is a witch or not, they don’t remember her from Twilight. However, if they knew they could be engaged and educated on what’s going on in a non-partisan way, I think there might be some hope. It would need to come in 20 second sound bites though. they aren’t going to do what I did today and really dig in. No less, I feel hopeful about what is putting forth.

So, all you righties, you lefties, you refusers to engage in the political process. check it out. tell people about it. Let’s make our voices heard. I am pretty sure that if you can program your DVR to record Dancing with the Stars, or play Words With Friends you can manage to click over to and see what you think.

Now only if we can get these people to stop my Dad and his “You know what your problem is…”

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