In Response to Marc Cohn

Well, I WAS going to write a post about this story I heard this morning on Israel and Palestine on NPR this morning.  I used my new Dragon Dictation software on my phone.  The title of the post is going to involve me referencing America playing the rich frat boy of global politics.  I hope all the Ivy League schools I am applying to transfer into google me before my interviews next spring (kidding AM – ish) but seriously, that is the the next blog topic.

I am picking the Q&A series back up this weekend.  I have a big math test this Friday and I really need to focus in, and at 34, what I used to be able to accomplish in 2 hours now takes my brain two days (can I get a “what, what” Laurie P????)

Anyway, I answered Kendall’s Q&A yesterday.  Too bad I am not FB friends with Marc Cohn because he would have been amused at Aunt Diane’s explanation of the Jungle Room and all of your “here, here’s” on “LOOOOVE” for Walking in Memphis.  I was mostly thinking about the time that Hart and I decided last minute to drive through the night to Memphis, it was the weekend that OUTKAST released their first album and I am pretty sure that Abbay and I shook it like a polaroid picture as we drove up Beale… So inappropriate.

Speaking of inappropriate.  One time I lived in Germany and I was giving AM & UK a tour of the neighborhood. Next to Angie Merkel’s house is a building that has the worst damage from “the war.”  UK asked, “I or II?” Ugh.  Annoying.  I don’t know.  The war.  One of them  Both of them.  Anyway.  Then I walked them over to Unter den Linden and showed them the building where the Russian Embassy was, obviously the USSR embassy used to occupy the building and clearly they didn’t need all the space now, it is prime political real estate, and I walked by it every day and gave the “tour” on a pretty regular basis – so they asked what the space was used for.  Needless to say I had never really even considered it.  After that Marla took to telling people that I could give you the best tour you’d ever get of Berlin as long as you didn’t really need to know the facts.

I’m a Blue Star Girl. It’s a band.  I do back up vocals.  Without a mic.  I also play tambourine, without all those little silver things.  I mostly dance and do antics.  My bandmates stagename is An.  I am Tic.  Her name in real life is Michelle.  We spend a good portion of our life together.  I’d say we do a majority of family dinners together.  Somewhere in the beginning of our friendship I decided that she did not like chicken.  I told people this.  I would not prepare it for her because I truly believed it in my heart of hearts, she did not like chicken.  I often referenced it in conversation, with her.  She, in fact, currently – nor ever has had a problem with chicken, in fact she eats it quite often.  Remember that we are “in a band.”  We eat MULTIPLE MEALS TOGETHER A WEEK WHERE SHE EATS THE MEAT THAT I DECLARE (PERHAPS AT THE MEAL) THAT SHE DOES NOT LIKE – CHICKEN.

This goes back to my earlier point – WE ALL THINK WE ARE RIGHT – especially me – except that I know there is a pretty good chance that I am not.

Which leads me to the Marc Cohn situation.

Remember yesterday.

When I was telling you about that concert from the late 90s.

Well HE (Marc Cohn – feel free to note parts about MULTIPLE GRAMMYS) POSTED A COMMENT IN RESPONSE TO THE POST.

At first I thought it was Kendall being ridiculous, but then I realized Kendall wouldn’t go to all that trouble to actually write a paragraph.

And also, I didn’t think that it really sounded that kidding.

And then I realized that I thought actually it was Marc Cohn and then I was like holy $%&@ effing Marc Cohn just read the *&%$(*& blog where I &$%^#$@ that he didn’t play WIM at that concert Pre-iPod and now he’s mad at me.  JUST WHAT I NEED.

Next thing I know Lil’ Wayne’s going to be posting about how he is a Christian and reference some verse in the bible about how he can do what he wants and that when he can’t do what he wants anymore he’s allowed to die and it’s probably going to be in some translation of the bible that I’ve never read and I’m going to have to apologize to him also.

But sincerely, to Marc Cohn, maybe you DID play the song and I JUST didn’t hear it.  As you can see, I am RARELY wrong.  I am almost ALWAYS right.

I actually do remember you being snarky, I am glad you are not snarky anymore, but I am more glad that I have a public forum to share about the songs that I love of yours and to declare on my most played songs in my iTunes library WIM ranks 17th (how’s that for ironical?) – the #1 is Rest for the Weary.

These words have moved me on so many occasions and played themselves in my mind more than I could express, and I have sung them over women and men as wishes and prayers in South Africa, Poland, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Refugee camps in places I don’t want to name… and to my own soul on dark, dark days

Now my mother stood beside him
She did what she could do
But if you look at some old photograph
She looks tired too
I hope there was some laughter
‘Cause I know there were some tears
Now all I can say is I pray to God
That after all those years
After all those years
That one day

One day
There’s love for the lonely
One day
They walk in the sun
One day
Rest for the weary
Rest for the weary ones

Now I’m just another traveller
On another winding road
I’m trying to walk some kind of line
I’m trying to pull some kind of load
Now sometimes I move real easy
Sometimes I can’t catch my breath
Sometimes I see my father’s footsteps
And man it scares me half to death
But one day

One day
There’s love for the lonely
One day
We walk in the sun
One day
Rest for the weary
Rest for the weary ones

Among my most listened to Marc Cohn songs in iTunes (in the many hundreds – WIM a mere 97 after all that pouting)

Walk on Water, Silver Thunderbird, Walk Through The World (which when I fell in love with my husband began to make me cry), Things We’ve Handed Down and The Rainy Season.

So here’s to you, Marc Cohn, for your beautiful lyrics, for your timeless melodies, for your generosity to play the song that people love to sing-a-long to, and to write songs like, True Companion, that gave me hope that maybe love was something worth hoping for – even when I was 30 and hadn’t yet found it.

And if I have the chance, I will come again to see you, and this time, I will not be sad if you don’t play it.  I promise.


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