The Last Two Days of the Semester

Two more classes before finals week. I am sleep deprived, cranky and sick of studying. Which is obviously why I am blogging instead of studying the four chapters of Marketing next to me.

This has been the most challenging six months of my life. Not difficult, not depressing, challenging. I am not sure if I am just getting older and handling stress better in that sense, but I don’t equate life stress with emotional/spiritual stress anymore. Don’t get me wrong. I cry easily, I feel overwhelmed, I am tyrannical at home, but I also realize that I did this to myself by over-committing and not using healthy boundaries. Also by procrastinating right now instead of using my time well.

There is so much to say and no energy to say it, but I promise that when I get on the other side of this semester I will be more active. Also. I wanted to announce that I will spend 5 weeks blogging from Vassar this summer. That’s right. I got into a program there that I am thrilled to be a part of. It will however lead nowhere in my life if I don’t hit the books now.

Grace and peace to all of us. We all need it.


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