Roads With Ditches

They happen. As may be obvious by this blog. I am drowning in this semester. In a lifelong battle with boundaries I once again bit off more than I can chew. Needless to say, my work and school schedule forgot to cc life on the memo and it’s been full steam ahead. I have left the compulsive cleanliness of my house in the wake, civility in moments of absolute stress (this mostly affects Justin), maintaining regular contact with friends, church, running & exercise, and a myriad of other things in the dust of my fast moving train. Today I am juggling a stomach bug, bad news leftover from Friday, sickness, a test, a rough draft, a house in need of straightening, and errands. All I want to do is watch TV and drink Diet Cherry Limeades from Sonic. Unfortunately on roads with ditches, when you spend a couple miles in the ditch off the road of life, if you don’t keep moving while you’re in that ditch, when you pop back up on the road you haven’t made any progress. So here’s to making progress, and the math test that I have to re-take on Wednesday because it was so hard only two people passed it in all of my professors classes. Awesome. Thanks man, that’s exactly what we needed. To study for a test twice. I just keep thinking of my GPA…


2 thoughts on “Roads With Ditches

  1. If we lived in the same town…or coast…I’d bring you a cherry limeade. And I’d bring Justin a beer so he’d have a bit more grace for your lack of civility. Love you friend. Proud of you.

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