Fancy Ranch Water

A “friend” from high school has started this blog – Not That Martha.  I say “friend” because we definitely had interconnecting groups of friends, and I thought M was both incredibly beautiful and overwhelmingly hysterical but we definitely never called each other on the weekend.  We’ve had awkward “catch-up” chats at Patty Griffin concerts, but until this blog started I wouldn’t have really claimed a friendship.  However, as blogs have the ability to do, since she started this blog and I have begun stalking her professionally, I feel a bit more like we are establishing a legitimate acquaintance.

Let me just say, her blog is fantastic and her business is something I have a deep admiration for.  I won’t tell you the whole story here because it’s all on her blog but she and her partner are going a year without buying anything new, they are not eating out and they are farm-to-tabling it like masters.  Her recipes are incredible, but the ingredients she uses, the things she finds and the local Texas stuff that she knows about are fantastic.  I have a feeling you guys will become as addicted to her blog as me.  I hope as well you are inspired by her lifestyle.  I so admire the steps that she and her girlfriend are taking to respond to the current state of our habitat.  I appreciate their commitment to not participate in over-consumption, appreciate the small things in life, be honest about the sometimes difficulty and celebrate their big and little victories, they are shameless promoters of local farmers, producers and distillers.  There is a lot to admire and learn on one little blog.  Enjoy.

Here’s our current favorite from Martha’s blog, I may have been less productive Sunday due to a morning full of this!

Fancy Ranch Water.


3 thoughts on “Fancy Ranch Water

    • You got it. I have to get out of this God Forsaken frozen tundra first. Signed up yesterday for a meat share… So, we’re going all in. CSAs for meat and veggies, June to November. Keep the recipes coming so I have something to eat with my drinks…

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