Snow Big Deal…

This is what I came out to after class today. I went in at 8:30 after a dicey drive in. I live 7 miles from campus, it takes no less than 45 minutes many mornings. During each class I thought that they would cancel the next one… Not so. Thankfully my Management professor was terrified to drive home in the weather, so she sent us home. Look at the teeth he grew while I was inside learning

Hahahaha. Scary huh? Not as scary as the drive home. EEEEEK. I saw so many Texans posting on terrible driving, road conditions etc. Let me just say that I saw multiple accidents on overpasses where seasoned New England drivers had spun into the walls or snow banks. I have 4wd, which is literally the only reason I got out of my school parking lot. Lots of people were STUCK.

I don’t know if you guys remember, but my landlord loves to compare me to the wife next door. She does a lot of shoveling, trash taking out, and manual labor (according to Mr. Lee, last time I saw her she was going to get a pedicure…) Anyway, I was reminded of this when I walked out of school and realized I have never had to clean my car off, because Boo does this for me. I managed. Thankfully this is a fluffy friendly snow.

When I finally made it home, never, ever exiting 4wd, I entered the house and began watching people struggle up and down the road. One of my cutey college age neighbors tried to drive up the slight hill that is our street, which had not been treated or plowed in a couple of hours. Needless to say her little Mazda was not doing well. So I went out to help her. I know. It was really sacrificial of me, in a neck-brace and all. Don’t worry, it ended up just making me look really good, because before I could begin to try to think of some way to get her car out of the mess she was in, the people that the people across the street pay to do their snow shoveling were there. Digging her tires out and flagging down sanders. I ended up being more of a friendly cheerleader.

This is actually a great improvement from the parking space war that has been going on this week. There has been an exchange of passive aggressive notes, the stealing and discarding of hard worked for parking spot. I created a “location” on Four Square entitled “Parking on &*%^$# Street Sucks Because People Steal Your Spots and Space Savers.” We are literally less two trash cans, a book shelf and something else that I am forgetting. We may have also completely forsaken any hope of friendship with the next door neighbors renters who were the recipient of our notes reminding them that the spots they were parked in, previously held a bookshelf indicating that we’d be back for it. A practice that 99.7% of our street for blocks and blocks is participating in. Except for the .03% that steal, demolish or remove your marker and help themselves to your spot with an entitled

I am currently ending this blog post as I spent the past two hours digging Justin out of a spot. We eventually got pulled out by a neighbor, who in turn could not find a place to park, so I drove him to a parking garage. The snow is making friends of strangers. Friends of the 99.7% participating in the communal love.


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