Friends in the South, Some Winter Weather Advisories

OK, I can see on Facebook that you are all freaking out. SEVENTEEN DEGREES IS FREAKING COLD. So I thought I would offer you a bit of advice I’ve learned over the last few years. As Markus, David and Christoph so enjoyed me saying, EVERY TIME I slipped on my boots on the cold Berlin winters, “You can take the girls out of Texas, but you can’t take the Texas out of the girl.” And the part you can’t take out, is the part that likes WARM weather.

So, here it is:

For every 10 degrees below 40 add an additional layer of clothing. I choose tights. Here I have fleece lined tights, but you guys don’t have time for that. So, go into your drawers. You may not know this, but you can layer tights. Today when we woke up it was 11 degrees, so this is what I wore.

1) 2 pairs of tights
2) 1 pair of fleece lined tights
3) One pair of skinny black pants from the gap – wear something tight knit or HEAVY jeans. I have no idea why, but the tighter the pants the warmer.
4) I wore a long sleeve under shirt, a turtle neck from Zara (to say that it was lighter, not some heavy bulky ski tn) and then a sweater.
5) Wear your ski socks. Trust me. Smart Wools are the only way I survive.
6) I wear wellies or snow boots, but we have 60 inches of snow outside. Just remember when you’re pulling on those boots you bought at anthropologie that when you walk in snow or get out of your car that snow has been treated and will ruin your suede or leather, even if it’s been treated. So leave them inside and get over your fashion. Wear your rain boots. With wool socks. And then you can feel like a rock start when Perez shows Kate Hudson in the same outfit leaving the Grey Dog.
7) If you are a runner put your running gloves on under your normal gloves, believe me.
8) Wear a hat. I generally only give into this when it’s 20 or below, but no matter what it does to your hair, your ears and body temp will thank you.
9) Be prepared to look like the kid in a Christmas Story. In so many layers, once you put your coat on, putting your arms down is only a dream.
10) When you are cursing the weather Gods remember that this weekend when it’s 60 for you our high will be 30 if we’re lucky… UNTIL MAY. I am pretty sure you can handle a day or two of it.

Love your bitter, cold and slightly amused friend in Boston.


2 thoughts on “Friends in the South, Some Winter Weather Advisories

  1. this just made me laugh. and i printed it out. will be taking with me tonight as i shop for nyc “outer wear” for this weekend. so thanks 🙂

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