Cancelled Flights, Nor’Easters, and Tucson

It’s snowy in 70% of the US. As a result the trip I was going to make with LadyA to Atlanta has been cancelled. Thankfully she will still make the trip and be able to sell her beautiful Olaria jewelry at the wholesale show, unfortunately, she got the last seat available before Saturday. So I’m not going. I’m pretty unbelievably bummed. As in waterfalls of tears. Luckily LadyA is going to let me take her to the airport to rub it in extra hard…

We got snowed in yesterday. Boo worked from home which is about as lame as going to work. Checked the car into the hospital this morning. Hoping to get it all better… Since we thought I was going to be gone it was less of an inconvenience. Alas. I’m not actually gone am I? Damn you NATIONWIDE SNOWSTORM 2011. This is worse than El Niño.

Yesterday while we were trapped I made Food52’s recipe for Heavenly Molasses Rolls. They were in fact, heavenly. I also made a pot of Guinness Beef Stew. It was very delicious. I also made a Chocolate Stout Cake, but we were so full we didn’t even taste it. I would recommend all of them if you are trapped under snow. Just google them. You’re all capable of googling them I’m not linking them. As I am typing in my phone.

So. I have to say this. I was left puddles by Obama’s speech yesterday. Right, left or center his words were sympathetic, appropriate, moving, inspiring and exhortating. My friend Evan said it best on Twitter, civility isn’t centrist. It should not be too much to ask our politicians to treat each other with honesty and respect. I too hope that we can live up to 9 year old Christina Green’s expectations. In case you missed it here is what Obama said,
“She saw this all through the eyes of a child, undimmed by the cynicism or vitriol that we adults all too often take for granted. I want us to live up to her expectations. I want our democracy to be as good as she imagined it. All of us – we should do everything we can to make sure this country lives up to our children’s expectations.”

She was born Sep 11. In a book of wishes for the 50 children born that day, one wish was that she would splash through rain puddles. This instantly reminded me of my dear friend Reeve who had a special affinity for rain puddles. When he was three he was like a magnet to them. Unhindered by the consequences of his decision he drove toward them with sheer delight. May we all be so single minded about our joyful pursuits. May we all be so wishful for the children in our lives. Let us not hinder them, or even ourselves with a spirit of naysaying, but instead remember that these days and this world are full of struggle, in a moment of warm sunshine or appealing puddles let us like children move joyfully toward simplicity and delight.

Love to the victims of Tucson. And hope for the coming dawn. I pray that though in this moment of darkness and storm your hearts must feel no sense of bearing, it would be well with your soul.


2 thoughts on “Cancelled Flights, Nor’Easters, and Tucson

  1. i am just now reading this one. sorry i rubbed it in. i had no one else to take us to the airport who can drive a 5 speed…since i am too dumb to know how to put the carseat into anyone else’s car.

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