Year in Review

In January we got engaged. It’s true. We had been dating for about three hours and we got engaged. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I always said I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to get married. I was wrong. Everyone should get married. Best. Thing. Ever.

I don’t have any pictures of February. I mean, I do, but I am not totally sure where. We took engagement pictures. Began the battle for a date and location for the wedding. We had a wonderful Valentine’s dinner with dear friends. I went to Texas and Marla happened upon a sample sale. Return of the Jordi came and surprised me, and I found a wedding dress and we drank way to many Margaritas. And it makes me cry how much I love AM & UK and how great they were.

The Future In-Laws and Arkansas. Can I just say that my Mother in Law knows how to throw a party. Did I mention she has 4 sisters? One is a twin? My Grandmother in Law is a FIRECRACKER and I love her, and her daughter (she has many, but one local) is so youthful I have to remember very often she is not our age. Some of my most dear friends, and their parents joined with one of Justin’s most dear friends and his wife (whom I absolutely adore) and their parents and threw us an incredible shower. We showered more in Arkansas than is appropriate but it was an incredible time and we felt very spoiled.

In April my wedding party knocked my socks off with the presentation of these boots, which I wore in my wedding, as a gift. These are the same women who had already given me my mixer and thrown me showers. I was obviously thrilled. They have Peacocks on them. I love them. We went to Austin for a weekend of showers and dress fittings. AM and I had more fun with Lupe the seamstress than is appropriate, she was definitely a highlight of the wedding.

In May we got married. It was wonderful.

In June we came home from our honeymoon. Loaded the Jeep up with all the wedding presents and drove back to Boston. I think this is all I can remember from this month. I also worked with my AL at her Farm Stand. One of the best parts of this was getting to see my cousins kids once a week or so. Love them. and they love dinosaurs. This is me being one.

I don’t really remember July either. Apparently we went to the Charles to celebrate the 4th of July. I am almost sure that we did other things. I don’t know what.

In August my mother in law came for a visit. We went to New Hampshire. She and I marched about town and I registered for school.

I went back to school. If you don’t know about this, please read the blog post in September describing it. You will not regret it. AL came somewhere in here also, she helped me with the house. Celebrated Linc’s birthday and generally made my heart happy.

AL&UM celebrated 40 years of marriage. We helped my cousins throw them a party. We surprised them with UK. It was wonderful.

In November things got a little crazy. I started thinking about grown up universities. Our dear friend Rich turned 40. Thanksgiving and KT’s birthday happened – my AL got her a gun. Well an air rifle. We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family in Holden. It was fantastic.

This month has been a whirlwind. I took finals. Managed a 3.925 GPA. School ended the 23rd we rallied for Christmas, again, my family in Holden let us crash their party. It was picturesque. I worked a bit last week, then Occhi came with her boyfriend Darling. We had a lovely NYE with DTB, Occhi&Darling, LadyA and ArchitectA. Then Dr. J (my Dad) surprised us with a drop shipment of Crawfish, Occhi’s dad DrL sent Boudain and so we decided to have a NYday Louisiana crawfish boil after I ran a little 10k and jumped in the ocean. Anyway, the next thing I knew it turned into a full fledged party (9 people) and we had a great time. Easiest impromptu party of my life.

Occhi left yesterday and I am back into real life today. Working on some essays, cleaning the house and catching up here. Thanks for keeping up with me. I am sorry I am such a volatile blogger. I can keep saying I want to do better, but really this is the best I can do. Thanks for loving me anyway.

Happy New Year.


3 thoughts on “Year in Review

  1. Well, well… so very many congratulations! How wonderful – I’m so happy for you!!!!!!

    I’m finally back working after way too long, still dealing with the aftermath of all the corruption & fraud I uncovered in the County for which I was working (and in which I still live). Some very very ugly times during this extended period of being out of work – some of which, I have recently learned – was through actions by representatives of that unmentioned county who badly wanted me to move out of the area and cease being a risk to them. Oh well. I’m still here, and their time will come soon.

    Enough of that ugliness. Sounds like all is wonderful, and I’m thrilled for you. I’m back to blipping, though not likely with the same frequency as before. I’ll be in Waco a day this week and all next week – chances for several meals at the Elite…

  2. “I always said I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to get married.”
    Um, I gotta challenge this. I’m 95% sure I distinctly remember a
    specific blog post saying that you did *not* want to be married.
    Maybe I’m remembering wrong, though. It’s happened. 🙂

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