Things We’re Thinking About This Year. Running, Eating and Natalie Portman

This is the way we started the new year. Me running. Well, really we started with a ridiculous breakfast. Then we hopped in the car and drove to Salisbury Beach so I could run the Hangover Classic.

Occhi was in town, with her boyfriend Darling.

He lives in some little town outside Philly and is an editor for Men’s Health. He recently wrote this piece which made me laugh out loud (beware sultry pic of a nude Portman.)

Dr J (aka Pops, Dad) drop shipped some Crawfish to us. We were planning on a quiet and restful NYD dinner at home watching the winter classic and playing each other in Words with Friends. LadyA and ArchitectA brought EV over and then DTB and JT droppeb by and one of Darling’s friends came also. So instead we had a party at 7 that we started planning at 6? It was easy and fun and a really incredible easy evening.

Darling apparently loves Beer so we ran him by Harpoon and Sam Adams. Boo and I took a picture because about a year ago we went by there right before we got engaged. Marriage has turned me into a sap.

So here we are. We are on to a New Year. This year, we’re not buying anything new. We are going to try to find a CSA for our veggies and any meat that we eat. I am going to keep running through the winter in hopes of avoiding the winter blues. Boo has been hitting the pool at the Y and we are committed to yoga. We are also trying to get rid of the excess in our lives. There’s a lot, so I am trying to purge the stuff in manageable chunks. Last week we kind of cleared out the dust and obvious clutter in the house. This week I am going to hit the clothes and books. Next week the basement. Simplify.

I am also going to try to practice Thankfulness in ways I have not before. Occhi inspired me to list 5 things i am thankful for on my Blip daily and I will do that. then I will seek other ways to condition my heart and my life toward thankfulness.

So there we go. This is the new year. Here’s a pic of Occhi and I . It will be awhile before I see her again. I told Boo the other day that she is one of the most faithful and loyal friends that I have ever had. This is her 3rd trip to Boston. It was our 2nd NYE in a city that starts with a B. Pretty awesome.

Happy NY to each of you. I need to go write some essays.


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