Images of Christmas and Blizzards and other Stuff

Finding this to be more and more true every single minute that I live.

Stole this from Brooke’s blog, which I love and am always inspired by

The neighborhood the morning of the Blizzard – it stormed through 3pm that day. Geez. Enough with the snow.

I went on a run Christmas day. The thing behind me is a Buffalo farm by AL&UM’s house. It was such a breathtakingly beautiful scene.

The view from my kitchen window. If Boo read my blog he would wonder what in the world I was doing in this spot, it’s at the sink, where he does dishes and where I leave my dishes for him to do… or where I take pictures from.


3 thoughts on “Images of Christmas and Blizzards and other Stuff

  1. After a few go-go days,I’M resting and trying to stave off a cold. I never take the time to look up friends sites. I got to see your lovely pre-wedding pictures and read your blog. It feels like we should be around a fire someplace chatting. Loved seeing the view from your window and the snow. Avery and Summer just showed up and Summer is about to lose it. I love being the grand rescuer who would rather play with grandchildren than about anything else. It was great feeling like I:ve had a little visit with you. Blessings my child.

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