Blizzard 2010, Happy Holidays from Holden, and LIZ

We survived Blizzard 2010. It was comparable to Ice Storm 2006 in Austin, but with hurricane force winds and 22 inches of snow. Also, the difference is that we had a Blizzard and Boo dug our car out of the snow and went to work. The Ice Storm shut Austin down for days, the similarity is that all regularly scheduled programming was cancelled and the only news in town was BLIZZARD 2010 news. Thank God 2010 is almost over and I won’t have to hear much more about this storm. For the love of pete… Didn’t these people live through like 6 months without power a few years ago?

We trekked out to Holden for Christmas. There are good things and bad things about being up in New England separated from the rest of the family craziness. The bad thing – no AM&UK. LAME. The good thing – No “unnamed people.” The bad thing – no great stories about the unnamed people. Bummer. It was a really beautiful white Christmas in the hills of Western Mass.

My Aunt and Uncle and cousins were gracious and welcoming and it was wonderful to celebrate Christmas with children, including not only my cousin’s children but my cousins as well. They are ridiculous and funny and bring love and laughter wherever they go. Also, my AL is RIDICULOUS. Years ago she lived in Brookline. As I mentioned before, I have a tendency to live in areas generally populated by the local orthodox Jewish community. Apparently my AL did as well. As a result she spent the weekend telling us how in Holden everything shuts down, but in Brookline “the Jews all go eat Chinese” she then named her friend “the Jew” and how she and her family always go to such and such Chinese restaurant and eat on Christmas because they “are Jews.” We tried multiple times to explain to her that 1) this sounded pretty stereotyped 2)it was politically incorrect 3) she hadn’t lived in Brookline in like a hundred years and there aren’t even that many Chinese restaurants there. Her response, “Well the ones that are there are open and the Jews are there eating in them.” I don’t think I need to explain that we are not dealing with racism here, we are dealing with a woman who only in the last decade found out that cars have reverse lights, her defense “I am not standing behind my car when I put it in reverse.” Needless to say we spend a lot of time laughing when she’s around, and due to her good nature, she can get a good laugh at her own expense as well.

Currently, I am catching up on life and preparing for Liz’s third trip to Boston. We are so thrilled to bring in the New Year with herself and the Darling. However, due to the neglected nature of my home, I am having to get into high gear. There are a lot of things I want to organize and get to charity before the New Year, and therefor before she arrives. I am so thrilled to see her I cannot even function. GAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! Two more days.

OK – I have got to go. I am sorry for being a lame blogger. Don’t give up on me!


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