Lady A Blogs About Advent

Lady A sent me an email the other day, that I can’t even really process. In response I sent her pictures of baby pandas. Equal? I think so. errrrr…

On our church advent blog she posted a really beautiful post. I wish you all knew her. She is gorgeous. She has the most beautiful couches. She taught me about Pumpkin Dip. We sit their house and drink Trader Joe’s wine, until all hours, even though EV doesn’t sleep in just because we were over late. She is a cheerleader, she is a giver of honest feedback, she helps me cook pounds of potato salad, she is seeking hard after what is True, she is an incredible mother, she is in an incredible metamorphosis as a daughter, and as a wife, I am humbled. She and Architect A are so in love, and they are a safe place for Boo and I as we embark upon this journey of love. They are real, honest, learning, growing, failing, succeeding, strengthening, uniting, and they are fantastic parents.

With that as a back ground, I hope you are able to see how much more beautiful LadyA’s honesty is in her own post. So please read and enjoy. And know, in this season of Advent, The Double A’s are leading us to Grace, Truth and Hope of the Good to come.

You can find her post here . It’s obviously got a Christian theme, as it’s from our Church blog, but I think anyone would be encouraged reading it.


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