Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack in everything,
That’s how the light gets in.
~Leonard Cohen

Saw this quote in an interview that Elizabeth Edwards did. Man is that woman a power house. I just love direct people and she was nothing if not totally straight forward, and yet she was incredibly gracious. This is something I am really looking at this Advent. I want to be myself, straight forward, direct, speaking my mind, without being harsh, cynical or critical. Elizabeth Edwards did this so beautifully and I was really moved.

I was also talking to my friends Sarah and Lori today about providential Grace and how if you’re going to swallow a spoonful of it one place you really need to swallow it all places. Like when things don’t go how you hope they will. Boo and I have all this stuff hanging out in our future that we are thinking about and trying to sort through and plan for, but I also planned to have a job November and December… That was a really effective plan… See what I mean? The truth is that CoCo broke her foot and I have been totally free to help her get to work and school, I could go meet Lori’s baby today, and I can take “grown-up” A for she and her husband tomorrow so that they can get little baby of joy home and settled. I have been able to put time into my honors app for school and some other apps I’ve been working on that require copious amounts of time. The very thing that led to weeks of stress and tears has, as my husband promised, worked out better than I thought. Even if it still holds bits of stress and pain, I can see how these two months without having to work have been really advantageous. My grades can also attest to this.

I’ve been trying to think of what to write on my honors program app where it asks why I want to be a part. It seems like writing, because I go to CC and it would look really good when I transfered if i had this on the app… and also, how hard could it be? It doesn’t seem quite right does it? 300 words of why I want to do it. I am trying to figure out the way Elizabeth Edwards would say, I am dreaming and hoping for a real challenge.

I didn’t do my long run today. I postponed it to Wednesday because I was not feeling well. I wanted to go meet the new baby and because it was freezing and windy. Freezing is bearable, but freezing and windy for an hour and 50 minutes I am going to need some time to adjust to both at one time.

I have two finals this week. In two of my classes last week my professors announced with little to no fanfare that the class I was sitting in would either be the last or next to last class that I had to attend. Ummm? Really? Three weeks early? BHCC gets out on the 24th. (Apparently New England Community Colleges are run by the GRINCH) Needless to say I did not complain, but many of my fellow students, apparently not versed in the old “Never look a gift horse in the mouth” saying began asking a bunch of questions that made me want to launch injury causing objects at their heads:
“Will we still need to go to lab each week and when will you collect our lab forms?”
“What will you do? Could we just come to class anyway?”
“What a rip off, I paid for the whole semester.”
Yep. Those are direct quotes. Some updates on my classes:
Composition – Loud Talking Ron dropped the class. Troll gave me three extra hugs the day that I brought cookies. I think she may or may not be pregnant. Joseph and I talk often about it, but we never really come to resolution. Prof Cambridge is really having a time of it. She used the phrase “a smart cookie would” a lot in an attempt to motivate people who I am pretty sure think she is talking about Snackwell’s when she says that.
Business – It turns out that ol Professor North Shore is my advisor. He’s pretty funny and he continues to use the words “idear” and “wicked” on a regular basis. He’s writing my honors recommendation and another recommendation and he referred to me as “Jennifer” at least ten times in class last week. Wow. The girl that sits next to me said that we should bring flasks next week and take shots every time, I told her I had a class after and she said that maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea because we would defs be drunk.
Math – This is the one. I went to class and he was all – last class. Final next Friday. Uh? Huh? My last online quiz isn’t due until Dec 22nd… Nutritionist Mom next to me was PISSED. Let me tell you, she probably told me that it didn’t make any sense about 100 times and then asked how she was supposed to do on the final if the quizzes and HW weren’t even due until TWO WEEKS LATER. I didn’t know how to explain to her that if they were open on BlackBoard then she was free to do them even now, before the final.
German – There is a decreasing population in my German class and I am beginning to wonder if BHCC will carry German 2. I am thinking not. Particularly because I am one of two people in the entire class that was up to date on both my homework and tests. AND TESTS??? How can you not be up to date on your tests? I don’t know. However the crazy Russian in the class is only getting crazier. this week he asked if he could have one on one tutoring with the teacher because he didn’t want to be held back by the rest of the classes weaknesses, he wanted to be able to focus on his own. The professor told him that tutoring was available at the language lab, he responded, “And these iz sue-pose-ed to be the same as good as eef you are geeving me the tudoring? I do not theenk so.” I almost fell out of my chair.

So there you go. Life at the community college.

As for us. We are enjoying the Christmas Tree. We have a crazy busy week this week with school, work and Christmas events. We are hoping to juggle it all and maintain our chore schedule but I am not sure that either of us are feeling overly confident. We are also really working to keep our hearts and focus on the Advent season. The reason this is such a special time of year and they joy of our first Christmas, but I think we are so busy we keep forgetting it’s Christmas. AM asked us this weekend what we wanted for Christmas and we realized we hadn’t even thought about it… Which reminds me. I need to go so my assigned research and get back to my math review.

Peace out everyone…


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