Joe Purdy, Lazzzzzer Tag and Pumpkins

Winter has been gentle so far. I am so thankful. No less, I am feeling wintery already. I am not totally sure what that means, except to say that I am listening to a lot of Joe Purdy and drinking pumkpin flavored things to an extreme. Mary May & Bobby is the song on repeat these days. I had this moment the other day, standing in the kitchen where I thought, “Joe Purdy makes me aware of how much Boo is everything I never even knew I needed…” It has been a needed thought this week. Remebering the depth of our thankfulness. Remembering the undeservedness of what we have. Remebering what matters. People. Love. Life. Health. Punkin’ flavored beverages… I kid. Ish.

My cousin-in-law KT turned 30 last week. I am technichally older than her, but she is more mature than me, so it doesn’t totally count. I feel like I need to qualify this by saying that she is more mature than me in like 97.9% of life. Except fun. She is FUN. This does not totally surprise me, she is married to my cousin Stace who has a gift of making most things exponentially more light hearted and enjoyable. I believe this is what makes them a great couple and really, really fun to be around. So, they invited us to join them with a couple of other couples for drinks and Lazer Tag (which I think should always be combined.) There may or may not have been 4Loco in the form of jello-shots involved. Again, when with Stace do as Stace… I have never played LAZERTAG due to my non-competitive nature. However, I had so much fun, and it took me two games to realize that I was actually wearing a gun that was not recording points. This would never have happened to Boo who could not stop himself from telling you that he was the high scorer. Well whoopty do. What does that even mean? I mean half the people we were playing were less than 4 feet tall… Anyway, we had a great time with my cousins and their friends and I am thankful for their friendship.

In addition to my ambiguity about the outlawed 4Loco I would like to ambiguously say that Boo and I may or may not have had a driving incident that involved one of us storming out of the car in the middle of the dark on the side of the road while lost between the cape and KT’s birthday party. I need an intervention. I’m enlisting LadyA in some aggressive accountability.

Following up on last week’s post. I’m still working hard to try to get my bearing from last week’s unexpected news and change in plans. For some reason I feel a real need for things to be very stable right now and the slightest tremors bring a lot of uncertainty. Certainly we have solved none of the problem, but Boo says that we can’t worry and we need to just keep moving forward and I need to focus on school. So I am.

I am also cooking appetizers and a dessert for Thanksgiving. So that gives me something to put all my nervous energy on. I should also be putting some energy into running outside, but hey, it’s cold out there.


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