Texas, Tears and Wax Disasters

Sorry I’ve been missing. I went to Texas looking for a place to buy some Foxes & Coyote Faces for $5.99. No, no I didn’t. We ran to Texas for a wedding. We got in Saturday, drove to Waco for the wedding festivities. Left the wedding early Sunday so Boo could see the fam for a minute before he left. We had an entire morning free in Austin, our first and only, then we celebrated my Mom’s 60th Birthday at Lambert’s. Boo took the 4:00 flight out and I met some friends from high school for dinner… chips and salsa. 20 years of friendship is something I am valuing highly these days. I have to admit I felt a little guilty for bailing on my fam my first night in town, but it was so good to see these girls. I love them.

Isn’t this what you think of when you think of Texas???? I took these in between appointments to renew my license and change my name on every official document known to man. This sucked hours of my time and days. It was not fun, and I am so glad it is done. I hated it. However. Before Meyers left for Africa she was nice enough to meet me at Guerro’s on Tuesday (it was my only chance, I had to go, it gave me strength for DPS) where we saw Lyle Lovett. That night, as I was getting ready to go to bed (at like 9) my fam came in and told me that the BIG SURPRISE (they told me NO PLANS ON WEDNESDAY) was that we were going to see LYLE AT THE PARAMOUNT. I def met my mom for lunch at The Dart Bowl in between bureaucratic appointments Wednesday, it was the perfect lunch in between government buildings. Also glad I saw my mom twice. I know that was a good thing. We had dinner at our special place and then walked over to the concert, where it was an almost perfect night. I cried when he played If I Had a Boat and I sat in between AM&UK and my heart felt so full. I was wishing for Boo to be there, but he went to Sufjan the next night for Architect A’s birthday without me and re-payed me in full.

I got really lucky that Thursday was Veteran’s Day and I got an ENTIRE DAY WITH KENNY!!!!!!!! I think I was in my twenties the last time we got to do this. We finished the day off at one of their favorite spots with their favorite bartenders, which as many of you know is A THURSDAY NIGHT RITUAL TRADITION. I love being there with them. They are like Rock Stars. Hotchkiss in a huge act of generosity came to me at the bar LATE and we had drinks and queso which gave us food poisoning and I still can’t really say queso or the name of that restaurant without feeling ick.

Needless to say Friday was rough. Saturday we managed to fit in a 9 mile hill run before the airport where I cried. ALL. THE. WAY. HOME. Hard to leave and know I am not coming back for the holidays and that I don’t know when I get to say hello again. So thankful to have a husband to come back to, his love eases some of the ache.

This is A&A’s daughter. EV. I love her. I needed LA & EV yesterday. It’s been a rough start back. The last few days have been worry and tear filled for various reasons. Boo and I have been doing a lot of talking and figuring, I know that it’s all going to be OK, but when the plans change sometimes it just takes a little time to cope.

I am not coping well – for example: Last night some wax was spilled on the grossest ugliest rug ever in our kitchen and I felt like someone ripped the ground out from under my feet. All I could think was, there is no money to replace that… WITH WHAT???? Something uglier?

Needless to say, until I can get a little better bearing and perspective I will probably not be doing much blogging from the heart. But I will post a couple of great recipes and keep you updated on the details, like this. Hopefully some more nights of good sleep and continued good weather will help me conquer this little hill. Until then, thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Texas, Tears and Wax Disasters

  1. I’m reading and praying for better days, Sunshine. I hope you have all the wisdom you need to make the decisions needed and the ability to let go of the unnecessary. Be free from your burdens and know that you are amazing and it will all get better. 🙂

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