Zumba and Decorating

Today I went to Zumba. I love the Thursday morning class. It’s just a different crew than the night classes. a lot of men with long hair. I have no idea why. But they are there. At the end of the class they, their long hair, and their high socks look giddy from freeing themselves in the intensity of cardio/latindance/shakira fusion. I just shake my head and hope they don’t talk excitedly, I have know idea what the estimates projectile is for sweat from a man’s long hair, but I am not taking any chances.

Also. On Jordan Ferney’s blog I saw a picture of this bedspread:

WHERE CAN I FIND IT??? Does anyone know? I love it. It’s so not the style of our room right now, but I really adore that bedspread… Did I mention how many other things we need that are SO much more important than that? This is the problem with adoration.

We’re having dinner with an old friend from Austin tonight. I have been humbled lately by how many old friends I have actively around in my life. This friend is not one of them, but it’s on theme. Seriously. I am moved by the length and depth of some of my friendships – despite me. Despite my flaws and failures, despite my inability to answer the phone or return calls or keep up in a socially acceptable manner, despite the fact that my well intended notes, cards and treats never get mailed (eeek) my friends are precious and happy to pick up where we left off. What a gift.


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