Foodie Wednesday

Let me just say that I am posting this about a time when I used to cook, before I got this coldish thing and before Boo’s knee started it’s revolt. No less, there was a day sometime last week when I still cooked. Before we did take out Chinese, order in Indian or wings at the bar last night while watched the first half of the game.

Did I mention I woke up Monday morning to a pile of kleenex next to me, one between my feet and one in my hand… They say it’s allergies. Yeah? Really? Well then I am allergic to my winter clothes, because I felt fine before we brought those up from the basement. You know what I am not allergic to? The beach. Bathing suits. Warm sunny days in the sand. I’m just saying.

OK, so last week I did a lamb meatball stroganoff, some twice baked sweet potatoes and the quinoa risotto. Here’s what I did.

Lamb – get as much as you’ll use. I generally buy between a quarter and a half of a pound, just enough to justify the egg I put in to keep it stuck together. So here’s what you do (you can combine pork, veal, lamb) take the meat, add the egg, cut up some parsley and thyme, throw in some salt and pepper, some bread crumbs, and then grate some parmesan cheese. Mix them together with your hands. Make little balls, like scoop the meat out with a tablespoon and roll it up and set it on a plate. You can boil them four or five minutes, or you can fry them in a pan four or five minutes each side. If you fry them, save all those extra brown pieces for when you make the cream sauce.

This is easy too. Saute some onion and mushrooms in the pan. Add a tablespoon of sherry. Then a half a cup of water, let it simmer down until the liquid is thick and JUST covering the mushrooms. Then add a tablespoon of dijon and 3/4 cups of whatever creamy liquid you choose – milk, cream, creme fraiche – you choose your fat content and creaminess level.

Throw the egg noodles in a pot and mix all together. Yummy.

OK for the sweet potatoes. This is easy as pie. Cook em for 40 minutes or until soft. Scoop the middle out, set it in a pyrex measuring pourer and mix some cheese in it, just a little. Add some salt and pepper. Stir it up and then stick it back in the skins. Sprinkle cheese on top and bacon bits if you wish. Cook em for another 15 minutes. When you pull them out, throw some greek yogurt on top, and then sprinkle chives. It will be delicious. And VERY healthy. Remember, Bacon makes everything better.

So there you go. A nice HEARTY fall meal and great left-overs.

Happy Foodie Wednesday. I am going to back to sniffing. And a precariously sleeping baby.


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