Joseph the Multi-colored Fish

He’s gone. It’s true. After three weeks of strange behavior, erratic eating and faded color, I got up this morning to see if he was alive and the day that I knew would eventually come had arrived. He lay lifelessly on the bottom side of the bowl where he had been hanging out/pouting/refusing to eat/taunting me for the last few weeks. But on his side. I took him to the bathroom and sent him to Fish heaven or wherever fish go after they are, ahem, buried. I tried not to think to much about it, because, you know, he’s just a fish. However. In my defense. I love pets. I love having something to take care of and worry about and feed. I would prefer to have something that I could also pet, but apparently Boo hates things that you can pet thinks we shouldn’t have a petable pet right now. Jerk He’s very responsible like that. Also, I am pretty sure that AM&UK are giving him side bribes strong encouragement to resist my begging requests for a dog.

As LA said, “He lived a good life.” I fed him every day except when I was gone and Boo and CoCo told me that they fed him but probably really didn’t. I replaced his water once a week. When he refused the new healthy fish food, I double parked my car on Harvard at rush hour to buy his favorite food. I checked on him morning and night to make sure he was alive, until he was, well, not. WHAT ELSE COULD I HAVE DONE????? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING????

Anyway. This is all to say that Joseph the Multi-colored Fish was our first pet and I we loved him. He felt like some sort of company. Even though he was, you know, a fish. He has a lot of personality, for a fish. And not just when we tried to get him to fight himself in the mirror (that was Mon. P not me, and he’s a priest.) And now he’s gone, and even though he was – a fish – we will miss him and all his quirky little ways.

God bless you little Joseph, may you swim in vast oceans all alone where other more aggressive Betas will not eat you.


2 thoughts on “Joseph the Multi-colored Fish

  1. He will meet Nuclear Fish, my five cent Walmart goldy that lived for nearly two years in a plastic spaghetti container, when he gets there.

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