Juan Williams, Facebook Fights, Zumba and Friday

Dear world. Guess what? There is a severe weather warning on my iPhone app. Rain? Thunder? Hurricane? No. Frost warning. FROST??? I DO NOT WANT SOME FROST. I’ll tell you this frost, you can go right back where you came from. And take your freaking 30 degree mornings too. No one here wants you.

Juan. Poor Juan. For those of you who don’t know, the fight with NPR began “Back in 2009, when Williams described first lady Michelle Obama of evoking the spirit of radical Black Panther Stokely Carmichael” (PBS.com, NPR’s Firing of Juan Williams Reignites Ethics, Public Media Funding Debates, 22 Oct 2010) Juan is not new to controversy, nor was he new to the consequential possibilities. No less, he, in true Juan fashion, made some inflammatory statements on a show that all democrats hate. I will say however, that some NPR listeners were watching. We know this because they called and barraged NPR for the umpteenth time in JW’s career with complaints about what he said. In his defense, later he balanced his statement with some very reasonable statements about not judging people by dress or religion, but that these things stick in our minds after major trauma (he referenced Columbine, OKC bombings.) The bottom line is that currently Juan is singing in the spirit of Evita, “don’t cry for me NPR, the truth is I would have left you, FOX news now pays me, I am so wealthy, I broke my contract, now keep your distance.”

I mention this because yesterday’s tirade was inspired by a fight I got in on Facebook. This guy was all, maybe we shouldn’t care so much about political correctness and we should care about saying what’s right and what’s wrong. I agree. You should live by conviction. However, do I also have to live by YOUR conviction? Should we all have the same conviction. How would that dude feel is some person of a different religious or moral code started imposing their convictions on them? Anyway. I flipped out and wrote my blog. Then today people were all OUTRAGED about Juan William’s and I know NPR is issuing an apology, no less, the dude is on a better path. Wealth, FOX News bankrolling him! They are right wing conservatives, they have more money than God. NPR on the other hand, never stops begging for mine. So, I get it, Juan Williams and Mark McKinnon, “EEEEEHHHHHHHH MUST BE THE MONEY!”

OK, have I told you about the Zumba sub? She’s CRAZY. Seriously. Everyone hates her and they are afraid of her. She flies into class 5 or 10 minutes late (that’s at least 70 calories, which is a glass of Chardonnay *&$%# better watch out), she starts the class with “I hear that you’ve been complaining about me to Sara (program director at the Y.) Does anyone have a problem with me? I am not mad. Just if you have a problem you need to tell me. Also, this is how I am, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to come to this class. I am a larger than life personality, if you have a problem with that, then you probably need to leave.” Weird. No one ever says anything, and still, the next class she comes in and says the same thing again because all the scared people complain to Sara again. this is a viscous cycle, I don’t know when it will end. I am going to class in 20 minutes. What will happen?

It’s Friday. Jenniethehighschoolfriend (JTHSF) comes tomorrow for her annual trip. It’s also FROST warning. I may have to give in and get the winter clothes out of the basement. But I think until it’s snowing it’s still summer right? I AM NOT READY FOR WINTER. We’re headed out to the Farm Stand Sunday to help tear the place down. I just found out while I was typing this. LadyA and ArchitectA finally brought baby EV back to me. They also brought me the split from their CSA because the other couple is in Spain??? Guess what I got? Mustard Greens, Radishes, Turnips, Onions, Carrots, Garlic, ummmm dear ladyA… What the hell is this? Freaking Tara the Lean Years CSA – didn’t Scarlett O’Hara pull a turnip from the dry ground, hold it in the air, bitch and moan for a few minutes and end poignantly with “Eye swayer, Eye swayer, I’ll nevah gow hungray agayan.” Well, JTHSF said that we could stay in instead of going to some nice dinner on the town and she’d donate the money from her meal to the orphans. Well JTHSF, you, like the little Kenyan orphans and poor Scarlett O will be eating mustard greens and radishes. I hope you’re excited, and if you’re not, too bad, send the orphans your money. (you can click on this link to assure that the Kenyan girls don’t eat turnips… or something like that)

Also, currently on the news, some lady with spiky short blond hair and outdated maroon suit just tried to talk about an “idear” that she had. Ummm, no thank you. I’ll vote for the guy who doesn’t say “idear.”


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