Intolerant of Intolerance – An Open and Disappointed Letter to Left Wing Liberals and Right Wing Conservatives.


Dear LWL & RWC,

Please stop. No, seriously. Everyone knows Obama’s middle name is Hussein, what the eff is your point? No one knows? And people, WE KNOW YOU HATE THIS WAR AND THAT THERE WERE NO WMD’s. However, this is where we are. Say something helpful and stop bitching about Bush, he’s gone.

Can I get an amen? Is anyone else so sick of this crap? I mean seriously.

OK. Here’s the deal. I am a total hypocrite. I mean it, totally. And you know what? So are you? So are we all? And you know what else? We’re not perfect! We do not see clearly, we are flawed! So stop imposing your moral beliefs on our political process in acts of judgement and hatred toward PEOPLE. Take a little advice from my Grandmother oh ye conservative Christians who live on your moral and judgmental and hateful high ground – hate the sin, not the sinner. And while you’re at it. Pull the effing plank out of your own eye. No gay couple (no they are not all coming home from rowdy orgy parties in chain mesh shirts after crazy nights of unprotected sex), or girl who got an abortion after some horrible experience (no, not every woman who seeks an abortion is doing so because she forgot to take her morning after pill and needs to get back to her loose, multi-partner lifestyle) goes our to their thursday night supper club and sits around talking about how you were impatient with your wife, how you were worshipping false idols or didn’t put God first, nor are they persecuting you according to their moral standards. As a matter of fact in general, other than when a gay male couple is talking about your fashion, they are probably frighteningly less judgmental than you. You don’t have to morally believe in gay marriage, and NOBODY (seriously people) likes the thought of a child being aborted, but please don’t spew hatred at the PEOPLE. It’s TOTALLY against everything you say you believe and it makes you look like a bigoted fool.

Liberals. Agreed. Bush was non-ideal. Do you know what. NOT EVERY CONSERVATIVE VOTER WORSHIPPED THE GROUND THAT HE WALKED ON. They voted for him though and they were trying to get behind their vote and trust the political process you claim to be so deeply in love with. Yeah. The one where you cast your vote believe in political process and then live with the decision. They are practically communist in that way. Get over it. No one wants to listen to you keep complaining about an administration that is long gone. We are all still dealing with the consequences of all the presidents before us. Join the effing club. You know what else? Just because someone is Christian, or heaven forbid conservative does not mean they are an uneducated, babbling goon. So stop acting like the fact that someone is morally against abortion or gay marriage, or health care, or for the war they are ignorant or uneducated. They have an opinion. It’s their constitutional right. Again, you act like you are such a purist about it, then back off and let them proceed with their constitutionally protected freedom and stop being so condescending. No one is impressed or amused.

NEWS FLASH. We’re a 50/50 split people. Remember the whole John Kerry/George Bush thing? 50/50. Nothing has changed. But you know what? 10% of you are crazy left and 10% of you are crazy right and you are driving the moderates crazy and making the next generation hate politics. Please stop.

I want you all to believe passionately in what you believe in. I want you to talk about it honestly, and emotionally. I want you to be fully engaged in your political process. I want your state rep and your congressman to know your name. I would LOVE to hear what you believe and why. I would love to disagree with you and be able to have a civil and intelligent conversation that expands both of our knowledge and thinking. But I WILL not sit and listen to you spew twisted facts about the president of the united states, current or previous. I will not listen to you twist facts, attack people, pull things totally out of context and then justify your elementary behavior wit, “They do it!!!!” of “THEY DO IT WORSE!!!” You sound like the kindergartners that I taught last year. Grow up.

No one is asking you to be quiet, no one is asking you to not complain or bemoan the current or past administration, no one is asking you to not FIGHT against what you believe is WRONG, no one is asking you to not be offended at injustice, these are the things that have made this country and this democracy effective. We are simply asking you to not ATTACK PEOPLE. To not spew judgement and hate at people. We are asking you to be civil and respectful and to try to understand there is a FUNDAMENTAL disagreement to the way politics are approached by republicans and democrats. Seriously. So we’re probably not going to ever agree, but WE THE PEOPLE can change the political climate. We can start with ourselves. With our own behavior. If we are treating each other with respect and kindness, then we have a basis from which to demand it of our politicians and news agencies, but if we are spending all our time screaming at people and their positions, we won’t have any energy to change the world with love.

Be kind, we are all fighting a battle. Enter into everyone’s condition. And stop rationalizing your behavior, it doesn’t matter what side you’re on, if your on the far right or the far left you are all acting like a bunch of little kids on the playground, and those of us over here smoking in the Sonic parking lot are sick of listening to you whine about each other. No one likes a tattle tale. Seriously.


4 thoughts on “Intolerant of Intolerance – An Open and Disappointed Letter to Left Wing Liberals and Right Wing Conservatives.

  1. Good post Stephanie.

    I totally agree with your sentiment.

    I have the same frustrations with discussions of religion. While we should never play down our passion, we need to compose ourselves with decorum. The only way to get someone else to hear your point of view is to say it in a way that doesn’t piss them off and immediately close them off to your message.

    So in answer to your question, I’m giving you my “amen”!

  2. Here’s one CC voter who is shouting from the rooftop… AMEN!

    I have an opinion about things.

    I vote my opinion.

    I, however, choose to keep my big mouth shut about my opinion unless someone asks and really wants to know.

    Why? Because I like people, and I like variety, and I’m glad everyone in the world doesn’t hold the same opinions as me… that would be really boring.

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