Sauerkraut and Blisters

I am giving in. I am buying the sauerkraut for the party at a local restaurant. There’s a gourmet brand I can buy for $7 a 15oz jar but I would rather run over my foot with my car. Now to figure out what the eff to do about Oktoberfest tablecloths. EVERYONE knows these are blue and white checkered, and that October is the month of OKTOBERfest, but apparently all anyone cares about is freaking Halloween. I’ll tell you one thing, I never had this problem in Berlin.

Did I mention that my failed sense of direction bought me two extra miles on my run today? I did it. I made it. My bingo wings didn’t even chafe me today. However, I have some sick blisters on the tops of my toes that look like small tumors. So, to go shopping for non-existent Oktoberfest decorations I wore stretchy pants, the shirt I ran in, a sweatshirt and some UGG looking house slippers. I was pretty much the envy of the entire population of Boston.

I actually share this to say that these are the things I forget about when I idealize running when I am not doing it. The chafing, the lost toenails, the obscene amount of time running long distances takes (for normal people), losing your toe nails and kind of aching. BUT when I am not doing it I think it’s “fun.” I have no idea what’s wrong with me…


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