Hodge Podge

First, did y’all see these today? THEY GO IN YOUR OVEN! STACKABLE OVEN DISHES!!!!

To buy: from $49, aplusrstore.com. No? I am the only one who subscribes to the daily update from Real Simple? I saw them a few weeks ago on some other blog, and showed them to Boo who was not impressed. Well, obviously someone was. They made it to Real Simple didn’t they.

OK. I also saw both of these on Mary Ruffle’s Tumblr today and was so moved.

The fact that it begins with KNOW YOU ARE LOVED is so key to me. It is the key to holistic health, in my mind, to know you are loved.
And then this one…

I want to incorporate both of these into my daily meditations.

Nannying today. It’s gorgeous, so I am going to change after work and run the river. Why not? I have to drink these days in while I can.

I was up late working on the party. I think I’ve got the lists of all things needed completed, my cousins and I spent the morning emailing (I emailed during naps – it’s amazing how much sleep babies need) back and forth until we got everything covered. They were really sweet and took some stuff off of our plate. Now we’re working on the schedule. I have some special guests coming in on Friday and as we started more intensive schedule talks I started realizing that in my head the special guests were coming in to throw this party with me, instead of the reality, they are coming to celebrate my Aunt and Uncle’s 40th wedding anniversary. Why does selfish come so naturally to me? Anyway, shot some “communicating expectations” emails out – something that keeps our family sane and loving each other, and I feel a lot better, at least more grounded in the reality of what this very busy and fast weekend will look like. I also got my priorities right. Celebrating AL&UM’s 40 years together, and truly toasting them for doing what is so not normally done in this day and age. They deserve all the celebrating they can get.

As for me. I need to turn my focus from this party to my business test and working on my Concept Paper. It’s on college classroom etiquette and it bores even me…

I don’t have any exciting food to share with you. I stopped at Trader Joe’s last night and picked up some of their Caesar Dressing, pre-prepared Lemon Chicken breasts & Parmesan crostinni. We tossed it together when we got home and had a killer Caesar, it was not as good as Occhi’s homemade, but good no less.

We’ve also been watching the 30for30. Bill Simmon’s project for ESPN’s 30th birthday. He asked all these incredible film makers to pick a sports story from the last 30 years that inspired them and then produce a film on it. Please get on the band wagon, they are beautifully done, poignant, and really educational. I have learned so much watching them.

Happy Wednesday everyone. Tonight, I boil potatoes for German Potato Salad and study business. Tomorrow morning, LadyA has offered to come help me get my @$%& together. I am so thankful. I need it.

If you like the blog, spread the word, leave comments, force people to read it… You know, like threateningly. I kid, ish.

Also. Please keep the orphans in your mind. I’ve raised $100 on my page so far. That’s 1/5 of what I raised last year, and nowhere near my goal. I know it’s not for everyone, but if it is for you, will you take 5 minutes and give toward the school? Every little bit matters, $5, $50 or $500. Just click here to give. Thanks.


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