Little Baby Kenyan Orphans

Last year I was supposed to help this girl organize the Boston area event for Breaking Ground. It’s the once a year fundraiser for One Home Many Hopes.

ONE HOME MANY HOPES??? Google it. It’s an organization that raises money for little Kenyan street children. Last year we raised the money to build them a home. This year to send them to school. The vision of the organization is incredible. Seriously. They take them off the street, hire Kenyan FAMILIES to live with them and raise them, they are building a school to educate them, and then hope to send them to college so that they can then go back into their communities and transform the nation. All through little girls, who will be women. I love it.

The funny thing is that my friend Daniel, who turned me onto this. He is a raging metro-sexual. He has this kind of sexy, well manicured appeal to him. He always dates super pretty, super cool girls that are slightly intimidating and his hair looks just like Rihanna’s. No, seriously it does. So he goes to Kenya, wears work clothes, uses no product and comes back changed??? You can imagine, my interest was piqued. So, now I believe in it.

As you all know I am a terrible fundraiser, when I lived on support I went into the negative and am still digging my way out of that. But I really want this to be a success this year, for the girls, and for my pride. So please get involved. It would take ten minutes to give – just follow this linkto my page.

But I am also begging you to do your own thing. It would also take YOU ten minutes to set up your own page, set your own fundraising goal and participate in an incredible Thanksgiving fundraiser. It’s a cool way to create a bit of unity and camaraderie with the people around you. It is also a great way to invest in the restoration of my ego… I joke… ish.

OK. So check the link out, donate a little or a lot of money and spread the word. And no, I still haven’t gone on my run, and yes, I am still avoiding it. But I am going to grab a snack and a red bull and force myself out the door.


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