Joseph may or may not be dying

We’re not totally sure what’s going on. So he kind of lays on the right side of his bed bowl lethargically. To me, his color seems a bit off and he is refusing to eat his new food. Of course the place that I got his original food is closed on Sundays. Boo says I should take Joseph’s food back to Target and tell them that it killed my fish, and then he laughed and said, “What? He’s not dead.” Anyway. I feel worried. I may or may not have cried worrying about it. We’re drinking Gin and San Pellegrino Orange to comfort ourselves – and by ourselves, I mean me.

OK. Let’s talk about Thursday and Friday and the weekend. I have no idea. Oh. Yeah. A homeless guy rammed my car with his shopping cart at the light at the neighborhood center. Then a police officer flashed me over to check on me and once we realized the damage was all superficial, he both threatened to call Boo and tell him that the damage to my car was from hitting a Boston police officer and then he died laughing and told me that the guy hit the car because it had Arkansas plates.

I had a moment in class the other day with brother J. He’s my partner in Cambridge’s class. Partially because he’s the only other sane person and partially because we have a similar sense of humor. The Troll had multiple inappropriate outbursts and when I offered three ideas for a concept paper (training for a marathon, learning a language, and the changes in college classroom etiquette) Cambridge encouraged me from the front to write one on etiquette, we immediately got the giggles and couldn’t recover. Meanwhile no volume control Grandpa R screamed, I gotta a lot of friends with problems but they know how to act in class. We just shook our heads and wished him quite. Then BrotherJ and I began an exercise where we had to correct sentences that were written with dangling somethings. This was our favorite, “Crawling across the dirt road, I saw a caterpillar.” I mimicked crawling across a dirt road and then looked directly at BrotherJ and gave a look of excited surprise as if I had just spotted a caterpillar as I was crawling across the road. He was laughing so hard he had to leave the classroom. I considered this the ultimate victory. It essentially had the same effect on Justin when I did it for him. WIN.

Friday night we had dinner with the A’s. ArchitectA is all uptight about his name, but he is, in fact, an licensed Architect, so he needs to get over it before I rename him a different A word that he will not like. We love them. There is no other way to say it. We love them. Deep sigh, so so so so so blessed. Also I made Mark Bittman’s Sweet Potato Quinoa Salad – Southwest Style . It was incredible. No, seriously. Go make it now.

I went to Zumba Friday night. Thursday night’s Ommi was not there, but these two Chinese ladies that are in all of my classes were there. They are 80, or so. They kept looking at me, then looking at each other and saying in a high pitched screechy kind of voice, “Bo na li now shi has menali” and then in an evil high pitched laughter, “ahhhhhh hahahahahahahahahaha.” Needless to say, I was intimidated. They can both booty roll and egg roll. I can only roll over and give up. Geez.

Saturday morning, AM&UK went on an 8 mile run, to coffee, Central Market and ACL. We went to Yoga, Jim’s and Costco. Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture? Me too. However, we did get a lot of what we needed for next weekend’s Oktoberfest party celebration for my AL&UM’s FORTIETH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! It’s going to be awesome. We also found an incredible case of red wine (on behalf of AM&UK) that we’ve loved, it has part of an olive branch tied to the front of it and we might have gotten a couple of extra bottles for ourselves.

Today… Yoga. Worrying over the fish. I have generally been in a sour mood. The house is clean though, so I am somewhat improved. Tomorrow, 8 mile run. Next week I am making a guest runner do my 9 miler with me, because she already did one it should be NBD for her (no big deal) which will be important because I am pretty sure that I will bitch all the way through it.

So, tonight I need to get my schedule for the week planned out. Especially considering that I have to work in making German Potato Salad for 50 in… And a Concept paper, and a German test, oh yeah and my AL who will be in town on Friday with her little friends, a One Home Many Hopes Event for the Breaking Ground Campaign (yeah go ahead and get ready for me to start hitting you up for money for little orphan children in Africa), and life. I hope I live. There may or may not be some special guests coming in next weekend. Did I mention that A&A are leaving on vacation this week? Ugh.

So there you have it. Happy Sunday night, I need to go back to weeping through Extreme Home Makeover.


One thought on “Joseph may or may not be dying

  1. you are my favorite. i am sad that we are leaving on vacation only b/c i can’t help you out with the party and make the potato salad for 50. i tend to over make on the food. i’ll bring you a prize from somewhere along the way.

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