My friends Jackson and Haley are really great. He just finished getting his MBA (I just almost typed NBA – can you tell what we focus on in our home?) and he and his wife set off on an incredible journey for World Vision.

Now, I have to say that there are millions of ways to help the world, and soon, VERY soon I am going to be begging you to help me, and begging you to ask others to help me, help some little girls in Africa. However, what happened this morning is that I went to Jackson and Haley’s fundraising page and I was reminded of my experience last year trying to raise money for One Home Many Hopes. I was the co-chair of the Boston fundraising arm and I think I raised somewhere in the range of $12. It was disheartening. I would have thought I was a better fundraiser. I was wrong. I am going to give it another go this year, with hopes of doing better. However, my response to that experience was to start giving whatever I could to the requests I got (which reminds me – I need to send both Kat and Erin some money) but I have been able to support Graham running the NYC marathon for hungry kids, Kristi walking for breast cancer, and Amira running for something in Spanish… It’s really fulfilling. So… don’t give too much because literally, Friday, my campaign starts, but would you consider giving some to Jackson and Haley? Also, their blog is wonderful and I think you guys would enjoy reading it.

Oh, and my friend Jenny is going to Rome… Anyone have some suggestions for best places to stay? Great places to eat? Things to do and see? She is going on an anniversary trip, leaving her three kids at home, and needless to say, with three kids at home, she’s not wanting to spend their college trust on her trip. Leave a comment with your suggestions!


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