You are terrible voters

Seriously. How do all of you people have these blogs that people read all the time and make like 700 comments and do your polls? I don’t even know how to do a poll. I average a comment a year. Maybe two comments a year… I’m just saying.

OK, I have to leave for Zumba in ten minutes. So I have a lot to type in a short amount of time.

As many of you know I was raised by the village. However, the chiefs of the village were AM&UK. Who are celebrating their 22nd Wedding Anniversary today. Seriously. Their marriage survived me, this in itself is a miracle. This is one of my favorite pictures of them of all time and it seems apropos that Occhi and Redhead Rita are toasting them. (They are really toasting Boo and me, but let’s pretend for the day’s sake)

I have to say that I spent my life with them admiring their marriage, as do most of my friends. They are interdependent, pragmatic, uniquely romantic, fun, young, active, they have fantastic boundaries, they are generous, involved, outwardly focused, disciplined, and really, really great to be with. Justin and I have said about a million times that we want to be just like them. There are moments, when we belly up to a bar and the bartender knows us, when we go the same place the same night of the week, endlessly, when we registered, or the other night when we made the plan to exercise, go to Costco and then come home and clean the house as our Saturday plan… I realize that in many practical ways we have accomplished our goal, now to hope that we can be half the people that they are. I hope that at 22 years we are still laughing and loving like them. I adore them, and I tell them all the time, if I am half of what they are when I grow up I will be very proud. If you know them send them some love today. Words are fine, but wine is preferred.

OK, also. I am about to go to Zumba. It is always funny and scary. There are things about it that I cannot tell you here. But let’s hope I don’t kick that 70 year old in the knee today.

Also. I have Prof Reviah’s class. Last week in 45 minutes he mentioned the NSYC 3 times. I know it’s a low number, but it’s a high percentage. I have a guess of what he’ll do in an hour and a half today. You guys? Beuller? Beuller? It’s not like I am begging for readers or comments so don’t look at me like that. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

OK, I’ve got to go seriously. If I don’t go to Zumba I cannot have wine tonight to celebrate AM&UK. No I did not send them wine… Next time I see them I will share some with them. I might buy them some if they came for Christmas, but UK is from Brooklyn and refuses to travel at Christmas even if it makes his niece cry. Don’t get any ideas that this means you can deny my begging for comments and readers… Do what I say. Or else.


8 thoughts on “You are terrible voters

  1. Oh, now I get it. It’s because you haven’t been listening to the sports guy enough lately or you’d have set the over/under at something like 7.5 and then I’d have replied, “I’ll take the over”

  2. 10! 10! 10! You are fabulous and I love the tribute. The photo is gorgeous. I’m hoping I’ll have more time to read/vote/keep up in my (semi)retirement (again) in November.

  3. Steph, just to let you know: there’s a thing called a feed reader, which allows you to get all the latest news of this blog. it happens, that the blogging system don’t count them as readers.
    and yes, that’s what I do. I read your blog in a feed reader. ๐Ÿ™‚

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