Grow Up

Soooo, I am realizing in the current schedule’s demands, that Monday might be blog day. I want to be more disciplines, but I am too busy right now to even think about it most days. No funny running stories today, I am till trying to gear myself up to go out in this weather.

So, my friend A and I have been on a tear. A Garth and Kat tear.

Here’s the deal, I have to give Occhiverdi (henceforth known as Occhi – like from Muskogee, but think Italy here) for the inspiration. When she, MG and DocT were in town we went to BraserieJo and did Garth and Kat at the table. I have to say that Boo didn’t think it was funny then, he thinks it’s less funny now. Let me start here:
Garth and Kat

I mean seriously. I think that is freaking hysterical. The thing about Occhi is that there is something in her genetic make up that enables her to do it PERFECTLY. Which only makes me laugh harder. We seriously thought about doing this at my reception, but there was something about the whole wedding thing being Justin and me focused… Anyway, one day I’ll have somewhere to do all my fantasy skits in front of my best audience, I am just not sure when.

So then, I became a G&K fan and I found this one on Hulu. Which sent me into tearful fits of laughter.

Then, one day when I was missing Occhi and fam, I looked up G&K and found out that they had done one more, which I think might be their most funny skit yet. No, seriously.

OK. So FF (fast forward) to A&A. Now LadyA is not like ArchitectA. I think I told you this, she says she always dated the Band guy (insert air guitar impression) but she married the band guy (insert marching band trumpet player impression.) This, of course, incites laughter from all around. However, both Boo and ArchitectA probably always pictured themselves marrying waif like artist types who were both reverent and nice, instead they married non-conforming anarchist who only become louder and, might I add, a bit funnier in each other’s presence. Eeek. Anyway, I started telling LadyA about G&K and she kept thinking I was talking about the Don’t Make Me Sing Lady (same actress, different hysterical skit.) Then we both got tickled, thinking about Justin Timberlake – OH MY GOSH, did everyone see this??? OK, well, I’ll refrain from a why I love Justin Timberlake diatribe and move forward to one of my favorite SNL skits of all time, Justin Timberlake and the Target lady (how’s that for product placement.) So LadyA and I are dying laughing about all our favorite skits by this same SNL actress and never get around to Garth and Kat until they came over last weekend and we watched them together, while we were supposed to watching the Arkansas game, ArchitectA and Boo were not amused. Might I add that they were even LESS amused this weekend, at the Parish Retreat when RevB was talking about our need to move from irreverence to reverence, passivity to intentionality etc and we are making notes about a G&K tour on our papers. The point of highest hysteria was when we started day dreaming about doing G&K to songs we knew, like Hard Candy Christmas or Islands in the Stream and suddenly realized that G&K with the Boston Pops at 4th of July on the Charles would be INCREDIBLE. We literally had such fits of laughter that our husbands began threatening to separate us (not for the first time.)

I then had this genius idea that we could combine the ideas, like the movie Wedding Crashers, we could be church crashers and visit various churches around the city dresses as G&K, feign, “Don’t make us lead worship… Don’t make us lead.” and then go into a skit of ridiculously worded songs to old familiar tunes, dressed in polyester and perhaps with pocket tambourines? It all seemed like a good idea to us yesterday when we were obviously not moving from irreverence to reverence as we snickered, picturing it in our heads, through the Nicene Creed. Keep in mind ArchitectA was the worship team’s pianist yesterday and Boo was running sound. There might be a reason that LadyA and myself don’t get asked to lead anything at church and the boys always do.

In other news, we’re embarking upon the second half of week 2 of our 6 week health challenge. I am currently avoiding a 5 mile run in the rain. I am such a baby. However, I did try Zumba for the first time Friday night after a nightmare three hour session in the school’s math lab (you know you’re old when you’re incensed that two girls are in the lab NOT WORKING ON MATH, TALKING AND ON FACEBOOK.) I definitely got some internal math stress out while I gyrated to latin music and spun around thrusting to Zumba in the chorus of any song. I also felt an odd sense of familiarity to my marathons when the 70 year old woman next to me was definitely better at the “booty roll” than me. Back off Granny, those probably aren’t even your original hips.

Soooo. This week is like Boot Camp. I am literally scheduled to the minute (though I am currently 14 minutes off schedule and a run behind) and have hours of studying for my math mid-term in front of me. But I feel thankful. What an opportunity. I love learning. My Dad texted me this week and said he is the same way, that he has always loved learning. I don’t really know if my Mom is the same way, but I do know that both of my parents always tried to foster a love for learning in me. I feel like by the time my family got me I was a little averse to it. I realize my aversion is born (shocking) from a fear of failure. Yesterday I definitely started crying for the second time in a math related situation. In those moments I realize I just have to back up, breathe deep and start again. Speaking of which. It’s time to hit the books.

Check back in on Mondays. If you like what you’re reading, spread the word. I’d love to gain some readers and see where we can take this bad boy. I’ll try to take one more day a week (maybe Wednesdays) to post the highlights from school that week, and one day on the weekend to post about food. So that we’re caught up, here are this weeks posts about each.

This week Prof Reviah has been in rare form. The guy is the member (and proudly the head bartendah) at the North Shore Yacht Club. He basically refers back to this so many times in class that even the people who sleep through class are getting annoyed. I think I am going to start something like a line on it and do a Tue/Thur poll on how many times he mentioned the NSYC and bar in his lectures. Since my readership is at about 2 people, I am not really sure how to award prizes if you guess the #, but how about I promise that if we ever go crash ol’ Prof Reviah’s party out at the NSYC, I’ll get him to buy you a drink. So his highlights from the last couple of weeks are, in talking about insider trading, he definitely referred to it as, “Wicked illegal.” and asked all of us if we had entrepreneurial “idears” the other day. I just lower my head and laugh. Our highlight as a team was when I was asking him about the literal definition of recession (2 or more quarters of recessed GDP) and the more widely accepted definition of recession (Consumer confidence, unemployment, GDP, housing market), he looked at me, winked, and answered, “The answer to that is only relevant to someone who has any clue about the current economy.” Meanwhile, it flew over the classes head as they continued to sleep or diligently take notes of what the thought they were hearing in English, that might offend them later when they got around to translating them.

Professor Cambridge had a pretty big moment the other day when she asked one of the more vocal Haitian guys in the class what a new album out on the market was and he answered, “Eminem”, she then asked, “What’s the title?” he then answered, what sounded to me like, “Referee.” She asked quizzically, “Coffee free?” he repeated, “RE FER EE” she says, “Really, Coffee Free, is he mormon?” The entire class laughs and Troll says, “No, he’s saying Revery” to which Cambridge, in great form, died laughing and admitted her embarrassing lack of awareness of pop culture. I also have to say that somehow, the Troll has gotten my number. At the beginning of every class she asks about my husband (the class is fascinated that I am married) and at the end of class she waits for me to give me a hug. i have to admit, it’s pretty endearing, though it does not make her outbursts any less hysterical to me. She is also ambiguously pregnant or not pregnant and definitely came to class dressed like Brittany Spears during the bad season the other day in this WAYTOSHORT purple plaid skirt, with a white shirt and matching purple plaid suspenders. Her troll hair in a poofy pony and these over the knee white socks with her saucony tennies. It was something else, I so wanted to take a picture for you guys, but it seemed wrong. I got a B+ on my last paper in that class, however Cambridge wrote on the front, “You should submit this to the Boston Globe or the New York Times.” Uhhhh, ok?

As far as food. I have to admit that Boo and I have been regularing this place on Chestnut Hill Ave that serves $1 Busch beer, hoagies and provides board games. We spent Friday night playing Yahtzee and drinking $1 beer. It was awesome, until I had to put all those damn calories in the stupid calorie tracker.

Go in peace friends. And find a friend to do Garth and Kat with, teach it to your children, bring laughter into the world. And next time you see Boo, tell him how funny you think it is, even if you don’t. I’ll buy you a $1 beer on Chestnut Hill Ave if you do.


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