The Cocoon by Grid-It

Boo is a genius. He’s not the best explainer, but he’s a genius. So here’s the deal. A while ago, he was like,
“Yeah, I want to go to the container store.”
Me, perplexed, confused and taken by surprise, “Why?”
Boo, “I saw this post on Lifehacker and I want to check out this thing that organizes all of your electronics like on your desk or wherever.”
Me, “What?????”
Boo, “I don’t know, it’s this thing, and it has all the things, and you can put your electronics in it and it organizes them.”
Me, “Like for your desktop.”
Boo, “Sure.”
Me, not convinced or motivated, “OK.”

Well, yesterday after seeing the Town. Which we loved. My school was in like every scene, and now I am afraid to double back by banks because really, I was probably lucky to have passed it once while it wasn’t getting robbed, I don’t need to push my chances… Anyway, we were by the container store. And this:

is what Boo was trying to tell me about. Is that what you had in your head upon previous description? Yeah, me either. But that thing… That thing I love.
This is what my bag contents look like

not including phone and keys! Can you imagine what organization the cocoon is going to bring to my Sharpie erase-able pencils??? Oh my gosh. That man is a genius. When I told him this at the store, he just looked at me like,
” I freaking told you about this forever ago and you looked at me like I was moron.”
I didn’t have the heart to tell him that he didn’t explain it to me in girl so there was little hope of me understanding.


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