Can’t you just burn calories by eating?

In a conversation with AM last weekend she raved about the app I showed her that evaluated her fitness and her calories, moving her toward her health goals. Why would I show the woman who effortlessly and truly joyfully organized my entire wedding as if it were a lunch for her friends? She has become the master of it. It totally motivates her (keep in mind she’s 100% self-starter.) She’s chanting on and on about how she knows what she can eat and if she can drink wine… In the moment it all sounded so logical and inspiring. So I reviewed the app on my phone. Tried to reacquaint myself with it. And then promptly ordered fries and a beer.

Then I decided that Boo and I needed to join the Y. It’s starting to get cold and I don’t like running outside on icy sidewalks. Not that I have been running at all. No less, if I were to run, I would not want to do it on an icy sidewalk I would want to do it at the Y. His well founded fear, was much like running, I would also not participate in the Y. Little did he know I had a plan, he would be my workout buddy. Welcome to 6:00 am people. He’s a saint. Do you know what I am like at 6:00 am? So. We started. During the week we’re doing weights and machines. I am trying to cram some classes into my schedule, but all the ones I am interested in are at all the wrong times. Grrr. Then on the weekend we did yoga each day. Um, can someone say PAIN? Thankfully, there are some men in the class, so Boo is not alone. But it is hard and as we ate our farmers breakfast at Jim’s Deli after, we discussed over hash browns how sore we were. More beer please.

Wellllllllllll. I decided to pick up the little app and start putting my food in this morning, and my workouts and see what was happening. Since I am not really on a weight loss streak or anything. I thought maybe the little took might motivate me. As far as food goes, I am generally fine. BUT WHO KNEW GIN TONIC HAD AS MANY CALORIES AS A COKE??? Someone freaking create and GTzero please! Beer, wine… All those things have a lot of calories. WHAT A BUMMER. I hate that freaking app. My beverages on Saturday night alone (A&A were here – what could I do?) pushed me almost 400 calories over. Isn’t there a way to burn calories just by eating?

Anyway. Motivated by AM’s tales of earning glasses of wine by running, as well as by Ben Does Life’s video about running, I have decided to force myself back into a healthy running lifestyle. SOOOOO I did some miles on the treadmill last week. Then the yoga break. I decided to do my outdoor “long” runs on Mondays, since they are my most relaxed day. Here’s what I looked like at the end of today’s run:

I know. Hot. No. Literally. I was really hot. For those of you that think running comes easy to me because I ran some longer races a couple of years ago… One year off from consistent running has turned me into a whiny baby. I often thought to myself on my run,
“The treadmill lies, it never put me on an incline.” This was generally when I was near the top of a hill and thought I was going to hurl.
“I am running so much faster than those people.” In observation of people standing at a bus stop waiting for a bus.
“That man takes speed.” About the man that passed me running.
“Why aren’t they all honking and waving?” About the cars passing me as I reached the top of a hill
“I wish someone I know would drive by and tell me later how they saw me running really fast on Washington.” After I came over the top of the hill and started walking.
“Why do those people already have silver Christmas trees on their porch?” As I ran past “Eighty Six Washington” That’s what it says, written out like that. I bet pizza delivery guys get so mad, who is looking for Eighty Six? Just freaking write 86… Well, the rant distracted me for like 30 seconds.

Anyway. That’s kind of how it went today. So now I am mad at AM for telling me about that stupid app after I had forgotten about it, and taking my drinks away. I am mad at the app for making me run. And I am mad at food for not letting me burn calories while eating it. I think I wasted all the positive thinking that my yoga teacher helped me achieve this weekend.


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