4 things… or more.

1) Sharpee liquid pencils. GO BUY THEM NOW. They are so awesome. Beautifully erasable for the first two days, then permanent. They have changed the way my hand written cards look.

2) OLD FASHIONEDs??? Who knew about these and didn’t tell me? Here’s the thing. Our friends J and C came over last night. They proposed recently that we do a night weekly. We have a washing machine, they have Old Fashioneds (HOW DO YOU WRITE THAT?), we eat together, watch a movie, talk, whatever. We were thrilled. We love them and love the excuse to get regular time with them. We didn’t even know what Old Fashioneds were. NOW WE DO AND THEY ARE YUMMY. I wish that J&C needed to do laundry every night. That and we had an incredible time with them. We feel so grateful for the friendships we have here.

3) hmmm. Not sure. I was going to tell you something but I got distracted because my friend A was texting me about skinny jeans on sale at Anthro (I am pretty sure my husband will chop my hands off if I buy another pair of jeans) and then she told me that she had a BEASTIE BOYS song stuck in her head. Sick. I do not like the BB’s. I do like Amy. She is my biggest glass of cold water right now. Every time I spend time with her, or she and her husband and baby E I have that deep rich feeling that my cup overflows.

4) Yesterday I got in the car and sports talk radio was blaring. It was a moment of total shock and confusion. Then I remembered that I am married. And I laughed and shook my head. And promptly changed the channel to 101.7. The radio station that we have a love hate relationship with. They play Listomania at least twice and hour and they play the Beastie Boys back to back far too frequently to be acceptable. But they also play Mumford & Sons, Passion Pit, Temper Trap, and The xx. So we cope. But it’s love hate. As for sports talk radio – that’s hate hate for me. Bill Simmons is the best I’ve got in me. And I do love him.

5) It is a Dolce Vida time of life. It is rich and lovely and sunny and right. I love school. I absolutely adore my husband. I love T, the Berklee student living with us. Our friends are incredible. Their children make me laugh. Our church is great. The weather is lovely. My family is wonderful, and I will get to see them SOON. I found a great part-time job. And I learned to make a fantastic red sauce. I feel waves of gratefulness so rich and deep it’s unreal.

Also, for some reason this week I have moved from the green chair in the dining room to my bed for studying. Here’s a little picture of my mornings. That’s my calendar, German book, Math book, favorite bakery’s bread schedule and this month’s Food and Wine, which looks both decadent and delicious.

Also, here is a really funny pic of Boo and I at Jacob’s Wirth on Saturday enjoying the Oktoberfest menu. The reason that it is funny is because it took us like 4 times to take this picture to send to Occhiverdi and Rita the Redhead, who were enjoying Oktoberfest in Ft. Worth. A few hours later as we recorded Bob Schneider singing 40 Dogs ( wordpress won’t let me post vimeo) we realized that we are total idiots. One of the coolest features of our phone is that you press a button and the camera “swings around” and you can take a picture of yourself VERY easily. Oh well. Like Kip we love technology, but apparently we are not as tech savvy as we envision ourselves to be.


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