Frozen hot chocolate (via One Ordinary Day)

Ummm. OK. Here’s the deal. I hate touristy spots. HATE. No. Seriously. However, everyone has to do them once. You just have to get your grown up foundational garments all pulled up and say to yourself, “Today, I am a crazy tourist. Today, I am going to do crazy tourist things. AND I AM GOING TO LIKE IT!” These are the days that you wave at other crazy tourist knowingly and say, “Hello, I know in a normal world I would never, ever do this but today we are crazy tourist and we are proud!” Then you take your pictures and go. On one such day, my first trip to New York, my friends took me to Serendipity III. Yes. Like the one in the movie. They told me that I HAD TO HAVE THE FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE. HAVE TO. They also used their hands for emphasis. EMPHATICALLY. So I “appeased” them. And they were right. It was delicious. So delicious that I dreamed about it later. And EVERY time I go to NYC I go by. I’ve learned to not stay there, there is always a wait. A long one. Crazy tourists. I cannot be put out by them, seeing as how I am practically a local, just stopping in for my crack fix of the OVER-PRICED frozen hot chocolate mix to go. But today, Ordinary Day changed all of that. I never have to go there again (they were subsequently written up in the NYT for health code violations including crawling things.) So, in an act of love, I am passing it on to you. Happy Dog Days of Summer. And enjoy. Guten apetite.

Frozen hot chocolate Frozen Hot Chocolate Oh my gosh, all I can say is it was a good thing that this frozen hot chocolate tasted so delicious.  You'd never believe the mess I made while making it!  We just got a new blender, and I think it's safe to say its buttons are pretty darn sensitive.  I took the lid off the blender, leaned forward, and evidently bumped a button.  Chocolate was flying everywhere!  All over everything!  Not to mention, all over me.  I guess I s … Read More

via One Ordinary Day


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