Here Comes the Sun

I woke up to sun, and I’m not just talking about Boo. There is literally sun outside right now. I. Am. So. Happy.

So, my friend Emily has been blogging about her adoption via iPhone and I’ve been inspired. I feel like if I would blog from my phone I might actually keep this blog thing up more than fits and spurts. I’m not totally sure though.

I’m not going to lie. I’ve had a melancholy few days. Last night as we were discussing another couple that has just started dating, Boo said, “She’s more adventurous than him and I think that’s good for him.” to which I earnestly asked, “do you think I’m more adventurous than you?” he said, “Absolutely, I mean, when you leave the house.” bahahahahahahaha.

2 things I hate: leaving the house, the phone. Once I’m out of the house or ON the phone I’m fine, but the baby steps to get there can be difficult. I would say my refusal to leave the house is dramatically increased in consecutive days of steady to heavy rain. I think that’s normal.

Yesterday I realized it had gone on too long and I was approaching candidacy for Intervention so I volunteered to take CoCo to work. To reward myself for such bravery I stopped at MY FAVORITE CUPCAKE PLACE Party Favors and got my favorite kind of cupcake, Vanilla Vanilla. I have to say, cupcakes are a pretty solid substitute for sun. At least temporarily.

Now, if I can just work this phone thing out. Unlikely.


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