Since I’ve been a recluse and a communication black hole, I thought I would offer some insight into our life, by way of a few things that you probably wouldn’t have guessed…

1) I’ve spent 1/8 of our married life in New York.

2) I worked the first 6 weekends that we were married.

3) We have used more bandaids in the last 2 months than I have in my entire life.

4) We fight more about each others driving than ANY other topic.

5) We only JUST got all the crap from Justin’s last three years of roommates cleared out of the basement on Saturday.

6) Our fish is still alive.

7) I’ve never used our coffee maker, I get coffee in bed every morning.  seriously.

8) I borrow hydrangea from the people up the street when their HUGE plant spills over on to the side walk.  I consider this a community service.

9) My mother in law has offered to Pimp my resume.  Just kidding.  But I did ask her to do that when I sent it to her.  I am thinking both about applying for some government jobs and about going to Bunker Hill Community College.  Perhaps both?

10) I hate organizing.  HATE.  I am avoiding it right now.

11) Our across the streets neighbors get in a screaming match most days before 3.  They sometimes involve screaming and honking of the horn.  One just occurred.  Wish you were here…

12) I am struggling to decorate our house.  Any ingenious ideas.

13) At the end of my week in NYC, Justin appeased me and came to the city for the weekend.  Look how cute he looks.  I am not sure when I became the kind of girl that wants pictures in front of the love sign, but I did, and here it is.


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