Passionate about stripes

I think stripes are the little black dress of casual fashion.  My Aunt Lauren said once that she knew why my Aunt Julliete (who is French) was always dressed like she was ready to go out.  Because when she went to Paris people were always dressed like they were ready to go out.  I have also learned in my relationship with Boo that I have an elevated sense of casual, which I have to guess, I acquired from my family.  I will say this, I almost always feel comfortable.  It is rare that you will find me clothed in anything that I am not incredible comfortable in.  I have been on the hunt for the perfect Audrey Hepburn black and white stripe sailor shirt.  I am pretty sure that it’s an old school french fashion, and I am almost positive that if I could get back to Paris I could find one in a shop on the side of the road (for a lot more money I am sure than Boo would want me to spend.)  I will however say, I think everyone should add striped to their wardrobe, especially this season, when JCrew’s signature collection has stripes in 8 out of 14 of their season’s signature look slides.

Here’s my other unsolicited fashion tip of the day.  Wear what you want, with confidence.  It’s the #1 key to fashion.  It doesn’t have to be a materialistic or narcissistic  thing, it can be affordable, enjoyable and an empowering, confidence building expression of you.  SO – go buy some stripes from H&M, JCrew, or Saks -whatever your price range allows and throw some bright, chunky, plastic jewelry on top of it.  We are returning to the 80’s you know.


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