It’s true!  Joseph is alive.  I have not killed him.  I did not over-chlorinate his bowl, or give him too much fish food.  He is not freezing in this unseasonably cold weather and tonight, when the house filled up with smoke while we cooked dinner, he did not get smoke inhalation and keel over.  I see it as a miracle.  Did I mention that the other night when I cooked dinner, I used scallions from my little back porch garden?  Well I did and being near those did not kill him either.

Today I worked at the farm stand replanting wave petunias from 4 inch pots to 6 inch.  I know, my skill level overwhelms me too.  Seriously.  I probably re-potted 100 plants.  It was not fun.  Not to mention the process.  OK, so by the time I got home I wanted to poke my eyes out, but I made myself pick up the house and cook dinner.  It was beautifully enlightened by the fact that CoCo joined us for the night.  Which made the hours before Boo got home pass much more quickly.  We had some corn on the cob tonight, it made me excited about the fresh produce that the farm stand is going to have.

That’s it for the night.  No pictures, no stories, just the update on life and the consistency of blogging.  Back in the habit.  Getting it done.


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