Meet Joe, the Multicolored Fish

Meet my son, Joe.  I’ve been wanting a fish since Justin told me there was no way in HELL we were getting a dog.  Which, of course, made me sad.  Because I want a dog.  Actually, two.  A Jack Russell Terrier that I will call Jack, and sing “hit the road Jack” to, and a Labradoodle named, Radley.  This is because I affectionately call Justin, Boo and I would like to complete it with Radley.  That and I hate shedding and dander and I hear terriers and labradoodles are great for both.

The house did not get organized today.  Today I subbed.  I was in a class with two sets of twins.  I do not think that twins should be allowed to be together.  Not ever, but most of the time.  Because twins, especially a pair of twins, can be exhausting.  No seriously, it’s too much.  Separate, like an egg from a yolk.  I was so TIRED when I was done today that when they called me and asked me if I would forsake my normal place with second grade to take third grade… Well of course I will.  Not because I don’t love second grade (I do) or because second grade has twins (they don’t) but because the third grade class has only ten students and I feel like after a double twin day, ten students is all I can handle.  Thursday I will be very thankful to see the farm stand and dead head pansies (that’s my skill level, I’m still not qualified to be on the cash register alone.)

OK… cooking.  As you know I’ve been on quite a tear.  On Monday I made those goat cheese Mole enchiladas.  Yesterday I made these thick pork chops, with a tomato bacon sauce… I actually hate pork chops.  I mean hate.  The only meal Boo has ever made for me was pork chops, I hated to tell them that I hated them.  Now my grandmother did not know this.  She thought that I loved them.  To stomach them I would COAT them in ketchup.  In kind she would welcome me to her house by saying, “Stephi, I got pork chops and EXTRA ketchup for you!  I’m making them for you tonight, I know how much you love them.”  Then I would throw up in my mouth a little bit.  However, in going with my Cooks Illustrated infatuation I made their thick pork chop recipe with the CHEAP thick chops Boo found at Shaw’s and they were incredible.

As I mentioned yesterday, I also made this:

I know.  It tastes as incredible as it looks.  We ate the leftover pork chops on it today for lunch.  Delicious.

Tonight, I made an incredible Loaded Potato Salad with goat cheese cheddar and attempted a soy version of banana pudding.  We’ll see how all this lactose free cooking goes.  Not sure how Boo is going to respond to fake Banana Pudding.

And now we watch the Celtics.  Eeek.  We’re already behind by 15 pts and the Celtics fans in true Boston fashion are chanting to Lamar Odom, “Ugly sister”  which I am told is a reference to Khloe, who I am sure is PISSED right now.  I have no idea how to tell Boston fans, pissing them off gets them mad and good, not mad and bad, but there’s no telling the Brahmins anything.  I am also enjoying Boo’s couchside coaching.  As if they can hear him at the Garden…

I’m going for another glass of wine and some BPudding, then I am going to paint my nails and wish for the best.  If I get bored I am going to read my friend Justin’s blog.  He posted an entry today and I laughed until I cried.  He is so funny.

See you tomorrow everyone.  I’ll let you know how the third grade goes.  They can’t be that much smarter than the second graders, right?


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