Here Comes the Sun

It seems like a good time to make a new blogging start.  My name is Stephanie, I live in Boston with my husband (of 15 days) and I work ambiguously.  I’ll explain that more as we go along.  We’re in no hurry right?

Speaking of work, kneading bread.  Who knew.  I am making the 7 grain bread from Cooks Illustrated and it is allegedly easy, but you get to then end part where they are all “Pull it out and need your seeds into it until evenly distributed.” and I want to ask them who the #$%% can knead that stuff, let me just tell you this, those seeds will be ANYTHING but evenly distributed.

In better cooking news, Burp featured a goat cheese enchilada recipe this weekend that I made last night with great success.  I have to say that the mole sauce was not easy, but well worth it, if anyone’s into goat cheese and mole, you should definitely check this out.

In other work, I am trying to unpack and organize our new home.  I glance at Home Sweet Home a lot for inspiration in decorating, but mostly I just need to get stuff out of bags and boxes and into it’s rightful place… If only I knew where that place was.

So there is a little glimpse into my life.  I’ll be back.  Randomly and often.  Thanks for reading.  I am glad to be back in this world.  I have missed blogging and am thankful to have such inspiring friends and readers who encourage me to keep writing.

If you are wondering about the title of the blog.  I walked down the isle to Here Comes the Sun and it felt like the most right and appropriate song for my and Justin’s relationship, and then we danced to .  As I searched for available names the combination of both of those things was available and felt right.  So there you have it.  Coming home to Sun.  Enjoy.  We’ll be in touch.


2 thoughts on “Here Comes the Sun

  1. I love Cook’s Illustrated. I don’t know how long you’ve been getting it, but I have been getting it for about two years and it’s amazing! Glad you sound so happy!

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